ISO , Section 5 contains basic organizations, data structures, file organization, file referencing methods, data referencing methods, This part of ISO/IEC supports the following two categories of files: . 0 — x x x — — —, File type. ISO/IEC is intended to be used in any sector of activity. It specifies: a ) contents of command-response pairs exchanged at the interface,. b) means of. ISO/IEC (): “Information technology – Identification cards; Integrated . The key reference is indicated using tag ’83’ as defined in ISO/IEC [2].

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Such a body carries 1 or 2 length fields; B1 is [part of] the first length field. Data referencing method, record numbering method and data unit size are EF-dependent features. When a file cannot be implicitly selected, it shall be possible to select it by at least one of the following methods: The last possible position of a control reference template is just before the first data object to which the referred mechanism applies.

This page was last edited on 19 Aprilat The logical organization of data in a card consists of following structural hierachy of dedicated files:. According to its abstract, it specifies the operating conditions of an integrated circuit card that provides a USB interface.

Data objects for confidentiality are intended for carrying a cryptogram which plain value consists of one of the following 3 cases: The length Le is null; therefore the Le field is empty.

ISO part 4 section 5 APDU level data structures

If the response descriptor provides auxiliary data, then the respective data object shall be empty in the response. The splitting into data blocks shall be performed in the following way. Identification of persons using biometric methods is outside the scope of this standard. An application protocol data unit APDU contains either a command message or a response message, sent from the interface device to oso card or conversely.


ISO/IEC – Wikipedia

If L in not null, then the value field V consists of consecutive bytes. The present specifications of the padding rules do not preclude such a feature. The parameter bytes P1-P2 of a command may have any value. When padding is applied but not indicated the rules idc in 1.

Referencing by file identifier — Any file may be referenced by a file identifier coded on 2 bytes. The previous occurrence shall be equvalent to the last occurrence. Such a command APDU carries no length field. The current input is the exclusive-or of the previous output with the current data is. The security items algorithms, key and initial data used for processing the data field of a command message may be different from those used for producing the data field of the subsequent response messsage.

The algorithm under control of the related key basically transforms a current input block of k bytes typically 8 iex 16 into a current output filetgpe of the same length. Cyclic EF with records of fixed size.

There are two types of digital signatures:.

Reference to a record filetyype to a data unit outside an EF is an error. The length field consists of one or more consecutive bytes. For cards indicating the extension of Lc and Le see 8.

Concealment thus requires no padding and the data objects concealed in the value field fieltype recovered by the same operation. The length field consists of 1 or 3 consecutive bytes.

The following rules shall apply The card shall fill each empty primitive data object Each control reference template present in the response descriptor shall be present in the response at the same place with the same control references for algorithm, file and key. If an empty reference data object for auxiliary data is present in the response descriptor, then it shall be full in the response.


The path allows an unambiguous selection af any file from the MF or from the current DF. When the Le field contains only zeros, the maximum number of available data bytes is requested.

ISO/IEC 7816

Moreover, before transmitting the first data object for confidentiality using a stream cipher, a template for confidentiality 7861-4 provide auxiliary data for initializing the computation of the string of concealing bytes.

If no initial data reference is present and no initial check block is implicitly selected, then the null block shall be used.

This mechanism may be used for protecting the right of the user. According to its abstract, it specifies the Data Elements DEs used for interindustry interchange based on integrated circuit cards ICCs both with contacts and without contacts. Those data objects kso integrate data block by data block in the current check block. Retrieved from ” https: Easy chip card integration with our smart card. In the data field, the present SM format may be selected implicitly, i.

The DF at the root is called the master file MF. According to its abstract, it specifies a card application. The result of an authentication may be logged in an internal EF according to the requirements of the application. When 78816-4 file cannot be implicitly selected, it shall be possible to select it by at least one of the following methods:.

The current output results from the current input. Each data object as defined in 1.