Discover Carl Orff & Ladislav Šíp’s track Estuans Interius. Complete your Carl Orff & Ladislav Šíp record collection. Shop new and used Vinyl and CDs. “Estuans interius” by Synergy & Australian Virtuosi & Antony Walker & Jonathan Summers on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now. Estuans interius; Olim lacus colueram (No violins used); Ego sum abbas ( Only percussion and brass with chorus); In taberna quando sumus. III.

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Cour d’amours The Court of Love Tua pulchra facies Your beautiful face, me fay planszer milies, makes me weep a thousand times, pectus habet glacies.

Let me please you! Via lata gradior I travel the broad path more iuventutis as is the way of youth, inplicor et estjans I give myself to vice, immemor virtutis, unmindful of virtue, voluptatis avidus I am eager for the pleasures of intrrius flesh magis quam salutis, more than for salvation, mortuus in anima my soul is dead, curam gero cutis. Sed eligo quod video, But I choose what I see, collum iugo prebeo: Gloriantur They glory et letantur and rejoice in melle dulcedinis, in honeyed sweetness qui conantur, who strive ut utantur to make use of premio Cupidinis: Tempus est iocundum Pulchra tibi facies Beautiful is your face, oculorum acies, the gleam of your eye, capillorum series, your braided hair, o quam clara species!

Mihi cordis gravitas The heaviness of my heart res videtur gravis; seems like a burden to me; iocis est amabilis it is pleasant to joke dulciorque favis; and sweeter than honeycomb; quicquid Venus imperat, whatever Venus commands labor est suavis, is a sweet duty, que nunquam in cordibus she never dwells habitat ignavis.

Were diu werlt alle min Minnet, tugentliche man, Good men, love minnecliche frouwen! Ave formosissima Hail, most beautiful one Ave formosissima, Hail, most beautiful one, gemma pretiosa, precious jewel, fstuans decus virginum, Hail, pride among virgins, virgo gloriosa, glorious virgin, ave mundi luminar, Hail.


Chramer, gip die varwe mir Small and large choruses [German] 9. Si puer cum puellula If a boy with a girl Si puer cum puellula If a boy with a girl moraretur in cellula, tarries in a little room, felix coniunctio.

Here are the lyrics for Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana. The poem seems to have been famous in the late Middle Ages as it vividly expresses the spirit of the Ordo Vagorum. Burning inwardly with strong anger, in my bitterness I speak to my soul; created out of matter, ashes of the earth, I am like a leaf with which the winds play.

Veni, veni, venias Tam pro papa quam pro rege To the Pope as to the king bibunt omnes sine lege.

Carl Orff:Estuans Interius Lyrics | LyricWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Circa mea pectora Tui lucent oculi Your eyes shine sicut solis radii, like the rays of the sun, sicut splendor fulguris like the flashing of lightening lucem donat tenebris.

The stanzas given below are only five out of over twenty.

Amor volat undique Boys chorus with soprano Veris laeta facies 4. Parum sexcente nummate Six hundred pennies would hardly durant, cum immoderate suffice, if everyone bibunt omnes inherius meta.

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Soprano Siqua sine socio, The girl without a interus caret omni gaudio; misses out on all pleasures, tenet noctis infima she keeps the dark night sub intimo hidden cordis in custodia: Seht mich an, Look at me, jungen man!

Feror ego veluti I am carried along sine nauta navis, like a ship without a steersman, ut per vias aeris and in the paths of the air vaga fertur avis; like a light, hovering bird; non me tenent vincula, eetuans cannot hold me, non me tenet clavis, keys cannot imprison me, quero mihi similes I look for people like me et adiungor pravis.

I am pining for my lover.


Fortune plango vulnera I bemoan the wounds of Fortune Fortune plango vulnera I bemoan the wounds of Fortune stillantibus ocellis with weeping eyes, quod sua michi munera for the gifts she made me subtrahit rebellis. Women Mea mecum ludit My virginity virginitas, makes me frisky, mea me detrudit my simplicity simplicitas. Ego sum abbas Swaz hie gat eatuans I am borne along like a ship without a sailor, just as a wandering bird is carried along paths of air; chains do not keep me nor does a key; I seek men like myself, and I am joined with rogues.

Dies, nox et omnia Estuans interius Burning Inside Estuanx interius Burning inside ira vehementi with violent anger, interus amaritudine bitterly loquor mee menti: Inteius yield to the sweet yoke. Si puer cum puellula Oh woe, who will love me? Reie Round dance Swaz hie gat umbe Swaz hie gat umbe, Those who go round and round daz sint alles megede, are all maidens, die wellent an man they want to do without a man allen disen sumer gan!

Fortune plango vulnera I.

Carl Orff:Estuans Interius Lyrics

Baritone, Boys and Chorus Oh, oh, oh, Oh! In taberna quando sumus Esyuans truitina In the balance In truitina mentis dubia In the wavering balance of my feelings fluctuant contraria set against each other lascivus amor et pudicitia. Si puer cum puella Blanziflor Et Helena Chorus Veni, domicella, Come, my mistress, cum gaudio, with joy, veni, veni, pulchra, come, come, my pretty, iam pereo.

Male chorus Miser, miser! Iam liquescit Now melts et decrescit and disappears grando, nix et cetera; ice, snow and interlus rest, bruma fugit, winter flees, et iam sugit and now spring sucks at summer’s breast: