Change of Heart has ratings and 68 reviews. Katelyn said: Shari Maurer really knows how to draw the most dramatic feelings out of her readers. I was. Apr 1, The Hardcover of the Change of Heart by Shari Maurer at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Title: Change of Heart Author: Shari Maurer Ratings Explanation Language: Frequent exclamations involving deity. Many instances of most swear words.

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Change of Heart by Shari Maurer Content Rating and Review | The Literate Mother

The characters are very well developed, and so is the story, although in some point gets slow and it seems like is nothing that special, but then comes the twist and things get interesting, and the ending is kind of heart breaking but also inspiring. Emmi also whined msurer her treatments and medications throughout the book. Nov 02, Yelania Nightwalker rated it it was maureg Shelves: The story explores many themes: The best part of the story is that while You’re fixated on knowing one person you get to learn a group of people going through the same thing.

When I was sixteen, I went through an enormous amo Summary: The teenage love triangle aspect of this book makes it a steady read, still keeping a young spark in a rough situation with no promise of final mortality. It raises awareness and helps you emotionally connect to the message it is delivering.

Wrenching but memorable, stunning and remarkable, this book is one that will make a reader appreciate their own life and health as well as give the reminder no one is invincible, regardless of age. It was very realistic in the way they uncovered the cause of Emmi’s heath problems. Within the first few chapters, Shari Maurer exposed the biggest conflict of the novel, but as it headed to the rising action, everything slowed down.


Change of Heart

If I hadn’t read any of her books before reading this, I would have thought it was really good and creative. It was very interesting to see how someone’s li “Change of Heart” was a book about a teenage girl with a heart problem.

She is facing heart failure and will need a transplant—a heavy issue to think about at a young age when she has so many things to look forward to. Her relationship with her parents is good more often than not and her love of soccer apparent. One of the things I really liked about this story was the statics and the information Shari gives at the end of the story for transplants in the US.

Throughout chwnge entire book, she grows tremendously as a result of the dire situation she has faced. As the reader, I was with Emmi through heart-break and loneliness. The plot of this novel was a little slow towards the middle because it seemed to drag on and repeat itself.

Her friends and boyfriend were, well supportive but they actions sometimes were questionable.

She has tons of books focusing on real life issues such as cancer, heart issues and other such illnesses. The part of the story that I enjoyed reading the most was when Emmi maurrr Abe. Her reactions, though irritating on the surface with her fits and tantrums, is understandable and heartbreaking. Each day, approximately 18 people die in the U. The story felt well researched and I could imagine the pain and frustration the characters dealt with daily. I would definitely recommend this book in a heartbeat!


He Change of Heart is a very sad and emotional book. In fact some readers may have difficulty relating to Emmi — a girl who is suffering from congestive heart failure and is awaiting a heart transplant.

Emmi mentions her small boobs a couple times. I felt as if I was getting to know the character very well. He also adds an intriguing element to the story because although he does care for Emmi and fell for her after she became so ill, he is still a teenage boy who is now having to potentially face death on account of her.

Book Review: Change of Heart by Shari Maurer | Blogcritics

For more information you can visit www. I have to admit that Emmi frustrated me because of her attit When I read the description of this book I knew what it was going to be about and I expected some heart-wrenching moments, drama, and possibly a sad ending.

The condition damaged her heart permanently, chznge her to get a transplant. Overall, it is so realistic and you wish you could jump right in the story and help her.