Azadi has 62 ratings and 7 reviews. Rishi said: I picked it in a second hand book shop and got big time lucky:) The story begins with the place Sialk. Indian novelist, born in Sialkot, formerly in India and now in Pakistan, educated at the University of Delhi and the University of Nottingham. Since he has. Chaman Nahal was 19 when partition took place. When the most unrelenting sight on both sides of the Radcliffe Line was of roads dotted with.

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Azadi by Chaman Nahal

It leaves an impact of being more than a historical novel in which historical sense and reality enter into the sphere of art imperceptibly.

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Yadvendra rated it chamzn liked it Jul 09, Srawan Kumar Kamatala cgaman it it was amazing Sep 29, First person narratives have a different impact.

In the Punjabi culture, the Lala had grown up in, turban has its own dignity for Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims. Aruna Kumari rated it liked it Nov 16, Jagmohan Singh rated it really liked it Oct 29, Azadi or “”Freedom”” is a broad-gauged novel dealing with the Partition in as experienced by the family of a grain merchant in a small West Punjab village.

Notify me of new posts via email. Apart from his personal anguish emerged out of the loss of his six infants Nahal,p. Azzadi 22, S.

Author Chaman Nahal talks about his book ‘Azadi’

Now, he wishes to leave for India grudgingly as soon as possible. Here is India, Colourful, Penetratingly amusing and agonisingly beautiful, yet there is a past history very painful for those who lived through this period.


The pointed reference to the Mahabharata and Kurukshetra is an ingenious hint at the destruction and chaos that nearly engulfed India at the time of partition. It is very shameful that Yushishthira loses everything even his wife Draupadi to Cgaman in the dice game.

He has been weeping. Among his numerous critical studies is D. Hide my email completely instead? In Jacques Alain Miller, Ed. For many people the term schizophrenia carries a stigma so strong that just thinking about it is frightening. He had said not word. But what impact him severely are the six deaths of infants in his house along with the incidents discussed so far. Throughout, Nahal author of other works — not novels — and head of the English Department at Delhi University’s Institute of Postgraduate Studies fills in the hubbub of family life and its sexual intimacies and frictions.


During his education, he worked as a lecturer — Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Lists with This Book. Lala Dina Nath who was in the same train and who had saved his life pretending that he is a Muslim, informs Kanshi Ram that the incident took place near Nizamabad — a village just the outside of Wazirabad.

Judith Lewis Herman also states that social-relations are constructive for the recovery of trauma.

Freedom song – Society & The Arts News – Issue Date: Jul 16,

For instance, Freud treated Emma Eckstein who was a victim of sexual abuse and whose treatment is documented in Project for a Scientific Psychology Freud,p.


In James Strachey, Ed.

But, Lala Kanshi Ram states that there was no need to kill the naha. For instance, the Shimla conference was organized in June to convince Muslims to give up their demand for an independent Muslim-majority state, but it turned to be an ineffective attempt as well.

In the Muslim-dominated city of Sialkot, which was until a few days ago a picture of peace and amity and co- operation among the Muslims and the Hindus and the Sikhs, all being the children of the same soil, the Muslims celebrate the news of partition and the creation of Pakistan with the bursting of crackers and illuminations and processions.

The madness was so atrocious that almost 70 years later, we still hear its reverberations. Kanshi Azzdi fails to express whether it is reality or imagination, magic or charisma. Secondly, Lala Kanshi Ram assimilates a revengeful attitude towards the British administrators and wishes that the latter must be retaliated for this vile crime as Shaheed Udham Singh Kamboj has avenged against their heinous crime contravened at the Jallianwala Bagh.