Battle of the Ditch, (ad ), Arabic Al-Khandaq (The Ditch), an early Muslim victory that ultimately forced the Meccans to recognize the political and religious. 5th year of the Migration 29 Shawwal / January ) The Battle of Khandaq, which took place two years after the Battle of Uhud, is one of the important battles . The Battle of Khandaq. At this time, there was growing peace and security in Medina. However, a Jewish tribe called Banu Nadir attempted to.

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Thus, defending the city was preferred to fighting in the open air. The Muslims were watching the enemy and guarding.

The Battle of Khandaq | Muslim Girl

The Messenger of God sent Zayd b. Since deceit is allowed in battle, Amirul Momineen a. Give up fighting me batttle return. I was given the keys of Damascus. Previous Post Next Post. However, faith sometimes remains only as a state of mind without being transformed into action.

He held the vein and prayed: Their pots and pans started to fly and their tents were uprooted; the horses and camels started to hit each other; people could not see one another.

We guarded the Prophet one by one.

They put the pot into the oven and waited. She opened the gate slowly.

After consulting, the Confederate leaders sent Ikrimah to the Qurayza, signalling a united invasion of Medina. Awf said to Uyayna b.

Battle of Ahzab (Tribes), Battle of Khandaq (Ditch, Moat, Trench), War against Islam

It was Saturday night. As they had in the battles of Badr and Uhud, batttle Muslim army again used strategic methods against their opponents at Badr, the Muslims surrounded the wells, khandaw did not deprive their opponents of water since Ali did not want to follow the footsteps of the Meccan army; at the Battle of Uhud, Muslims made strategic use of the hills.

They Start to Dig Trenches When khsndaq was decided unanimously that the city would be defended, the activity of digging trenches started immediately upon the order and advice of the Messenger of God. The Beginnings of Islamic Historical Writingp. Men of strong faith Though the hearts of most of the Muslims were filled with fear, some of them were unshaken by the new danger.


His foremost priority to protect the women and children, so he sent some fighters to them in order to protect from any surprise attacks by the enemy. Sahih al-Bukhari1: God made His army victorious and helped His slave. This article is about the khwndaq in early Islamic history. Come to us; and they come not to the fight but a little.

The Battle of Khandaq

Ghazwat al-Khandaqalso known as the Battle of the Confederates Arabic: We will support only if bzttle Quraish sends us ten hostages, otherwise we will not leave the fort. Kulaini has narrated through good chains that during the Battle of Ahzab the Messenger of Allah S was standing on a hillock where Masjid Fath is located.

He had his companions stand there, preventing others from attempting to follow Amr. I and Umar b. It is the area where the Prophet s supervised digging the trench from, had put up his tent and said prayers.

Is our way or his religion better? When it was decided unanimously that the city would be defended, the activity of digging trenches started immediately upon the order and advice of the Messenger of God.

The Prophet took the bread out of the oven with his hands and broke some pieces from the bread. The names are sorted alphabetically. Although the original work is lost, portions of it survive in the recensions of Ibn Hisham and Al-Tabari. During the battle, ‘Amr b. Whoever happened to cross the path of the Prophet was also invited for the feast. The Verses that were Revealed What the Jews told the polytheists was not true; they concealed khajdaq truth deliberately.

These are better guided in the path than those who believe. This exile angered them and they wanted to find a way to kick the Muslims out of Medina. All this was a result of Ali’s endeavor, battlf by this we can understand the meaning of the declaration of the Prophet: When he brought his severed head to the Prophet, he said: Between his shoulders will be the seal of prophecy.


Those who were with him ran away, trying to save their skin; but most of them were killed before they could cross to the other side. The chiefs of the tribe, namely Ghazal bin Shamul, Yasir bin Qays, Wafa bin Zaid and Zuhair bin Nata were assembled and after assuring Kaab of their fealty to him as superior, declared they would follow his opinion and example in the case, whatever it was. We were afraid that they would attack our wives and children in Madinah. It would not be logical to say that the Muslims were unable collectively to kill Amr, who could not by himself prevail against thousands of Muslims.

Can we give them dates as tribute now, when God has honored us with Islam and guided us with you and strengthened us? When all od the unbelieving soldiers came together, Abu Sufyan became the commander of the whole army.

There were many other women and children in the manor along with Safiyya.

The divine help sent by God to the Prophet and the Muslims is mentioned in the Quran as follows: Following the retreat of the Confederate army, the Banu Qurayza neighbourhoods were besieged by the Muslims, in revenge. When they came upon you from above you and khandqq below you, The Messenger of Allah came out with the believers, who numbered nearly three thousand, or it was said that they numbered seven hundred. In addition, a hurricane like wind went on causing the pagan army many damages and making its life miserable.

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