Babar Ahmad is a 37 year old British Muslim and the longest detained-without- charge British detainee held as part of the global ‘war on terror’. On 13th July , Babar Ahmad stepped down onto British soil a free man. This website is no longer run. However, you can browse the archives, or go to. Muhammed Babar Uddin Ahmed Siddique started this petition to Government Support this petition being a human if really we know the meaning of humanity.

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Sitting in front of Ahmad was a casually dressed American with a goatee beard, wearing a baseball hat.

By plot, I mean a terrorist plot If anyone sent us money to send on to Chechnya, we sent it back to them. Retrieved 14 March His mother was a petitiion teacher.

Put Babar Ahmad on trial in the UK – Petitions

It was the same year,in which conflict in Bosnia blew up. I was in terrible pain.

After spending two years in solitary confinement at a US Supermax prison he pleaded guilty to “conspiracy and providing material to support to terrorism”. But before his transfer to the Supermax, he was again strip-searched in front of six officers, shackled and taken to a holding cell with walls covered in faeces and where the temperature was kept at C.

Following widespread international media babzr of the revelation, the previous Secretary of State for JusticeJack Straw MP, petitio in Parliament the day after the article was published that he had asked a retired High Court judge, Sir Christopher Roseto conduct an official inquiry into the affair.

Babar Ahmad parliamentary e-petition hits 100,000

There he met the formidable and by now famous Saudi jihad commander called Khattab. Once recovered from his injuries, Ahmad booked a flight back to Britain. In he made a significant breakthrough. Last year Ahmad was finally released from prison after being sentenced to and-a-half years for providing material support ahhmed two online articles] to the Taliban government at a time when they were harbouring bin Laden.


Babar Ahmad parliamentary e-petition hits , – BBC News

Spends the next two years in solitary confinement alongside death row inmates at a Supermax prison in Connecticut. Babar Ahmad was born and brought up in TootingLondon. The US counter-terrorism officer whom Ahmad had met on the plane and who had been leading the investigation had testified to the grand jury that petirion reason the case was being tried in Connecticut was because the Azzam server was located there.

After placing him in the Muslim prayer position, one officer sarcastically asked: Ahmad says he found it difficult to adjust to his newfound freedom, but has spent the past few months appreciating the simpler elements of life.

An hour into the flight the goggles and muffs were removed. Retrieved 6 October This information was reportedly leaked to the press by the police intelligence officer who conducted the covert surveillance petiition the visits, in alleged contravention of the Wilson Doctrine that banned Government surveillance of politicians in Ahmad is not responsible for radicalizing him.

Ahmad was given a thin blanket, too small to cover his body. He recalls the chaos when his unit was ordered to attack an enemy position. On 30 NovemberAhmad lost his appeal at the High Court.

In OctoberI was blindfolded, shackled and forcibly stripped naked when I was extradited to the US. Ahmad is in Bosnia days after the Srebrenica massacre in July Two of the officers punched me repeatedly on the head, face, ears and back. One of the police officers apologised to Ahmad and said: Bosnian Serb forces had tried to annex Bosnian territory, ruthlessly imposing a policy of ethnic cleansing on the Muslim populations. Jihad is a noble act to defend and protect innocent people; it is not about killing innocent people.


His father worked as a Foreign Office civil servant for 30 years and his mother is a retired science teacher. This page was last edited on 2 Decemberat The injuries were recorded graphically by a Met photographer.

Waiting for him at Heathrow were two Metropolitan police officers.

Babar Ahmad

To this day it sets off security alarms. On 16 NovemberClarke approved his extradition to the United States. Qhmed is well liked and humane and empathetic So I decided to record an audio cassette narrating their stories for them. Having been refused bail, Ahmad was detained in prison until his extradition on 5 October Not satisfied with this, they then cooked the meat and made the mother eat her own child.

And a story of how Britain blindly conspired with its ally to send Ahmad to the United States, despite knowing that there was no evidence to try him for the same crimes in the UK.

To this day I still recall Jones saying: Do you understand me, you fucking bastard? When I came round, my face was covered in blood. Ahmad wanted him to do, which was to return to England to complete his education, he turned away from that and was, in fact, radicalized by Khaled Sheikh Mohammed and Osama bin Laden whom he met in Afghanistan.

It further stated that items recovered from a house used by Ahmad included a floppy disk containing a detailed description of the movements of the US Fifth Fleet battlegroup.