Feedback. You can give us feedback – comments, critiques, suggestions, etc. Bug reports and feature requests are always welcome. Check out our forums and. This screenshot shows the Aegisub main window with everything open: The two most important areas are the Subtitles Grid and Edit Box. The grid shows all the. By: Karl Blomster. Kanji Timer. Description: A video tutorial demonstrating how the kanji timer can be used to synchronize kanji timing to roomaji timing. By: Niels .

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Advanced Substation Alpha also supports some advanced drawing tags that allow you to draw with vectorial graphics. An accel parameter of 1 one causes the animation speed to be linear. Mixing comments and override tags in the same override block is not recommended.

This is essentially the same as adding another pair aegisug coordinates at the end of s. Split lines after current frame As above, but it splits off the portion of the line after the current frame rather than the potion before the current frame, for when doing frame-by-frame typesetting from the last to the first frame of a line.

Extends the b-spline to x,y. This is not the same as setting the font size, as setting the size is subject to font hinting while scaling the text modifies the text shape after hinting. Actor The actor speaking the line.

Spell Checker

Draws a cubic 3rd degree uniform b-spline to point N. Some tags are “complex” and take more than one parameter. Spell checker If you right-click on a word that has been detected as misspelled, the spell checker will suggest some likely alternative. The Pick Color toolbar buttons can assist in picking colors and entering the color codes. Note that unlike in previous versions of Aegisub, changes do not need to be committed using this button.


Calculate pos as follows: To get top-titles, add 4 to the number, to get mid-titles add 8 to the number:. Recombine lines Given two or more lines with the same text being partially present in all of them, creates one line per text fragment instead. The coordinate system used for shearing is not affected by the rotation origin. Thesaurus Suggests alternative words similar to the highlighted word. For information on the timing of subtitle lines, see working with audio.

It is usually more visible at smaller text sizes.

Editing Subtitles

The alpha values are given in decimal and are between 0 andwith 0 being fully visible and being invisible. See the tutorial for an introduction to typesetting, using some basic tags. Vertical margin for this line. Lines with red text overlap in time with a currently selected line. Note that most fonts only support one or two weights so you rarely need to use this.

Assuming x script resolution, only the part of the line within the top left quadrant is visible.

Options – Aegisub Manual

Right margin for this line. While the subtitle is displayed, it moves at constant speed such that it will arrive at aegisybat the same time it disappears. If it is unsure, it will ask you to choose from two or more likely alternatives.

Enable or disable a subtle softening-effect for the edges of the text. Aegieub following CodecIDs are supported:. The number of characters on the longest line of this subtitle. The value is not limited to whole integer pixels and can have decimal places.

Shadow is only disabled if both X and Y distance is 0. Aeisub idea of drawing vectors is that there is an invisible “cursor” think of it as the mouse pointer in a drawing program, or as a pen moving through the image on the video frame, and you tell it to move to other positions.


Lines with blue background are marked as comments and won’t be shown on screen. Only enabled if you have video loaded.

Show Original Checking the Show Original box switches the edit box to the following mode: The text starts out blue, but fades towards red so it is completely red when the line ends. Perform a shearing perspective distortion transformation of the text. Create audio clip Saves a segment of the loaded audio corresponding to the timing of the selected lines starting at the earliest start time and ending at the latest end time as an uncompressed WAV file.

To select multiple lines, hold down either Ctrl or Shift and click. Perform a gradual, animated transformation from one style to another. Holding Ctrl while pressing Enter will stay on the line instead of going to the next, but still commit the changes.

The first three will have the actor field set to “Actor 1”, and the fifth will have it set to “Actor 2” the comment line’s actor field will be blank. Be aware that this tag blurs the edges of the text, not everything. Duration for the line. After recombine lines, the result is: Tags fall into two general categories: Tags in the second category modify all text after the tag until the end of the line or until the property is re-overridden by another tag.

This can be useful for translating subtitles into another language, or just for editing subtitles. The subtitles grid The subtitles grid shows all lines comments and otherwise in the entire file.