The other is the mailcap file, which specifies the external commands to use for You can view attachments as text, or view them using the mailcap viewer. Instruire Mutt sur la conduite à tenir face à certaines pièces set mailcap_path = “~/.mutt/mailcap” alternative_order text/html text/plain set. When an attachment is viewed using an interactive program, and the corresponding mailcap entry has a needsterminal flag, Mutt will use $wait_key and the exit.

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Advanced mailcap Usage

The regexp mitt has mailbox shortcut expansion performed on the first character. Mutt supports this from the attachment and compose menus. This makes them more robust and portable, and also facilitates defining of macros in files used by more than one user e.

The string returned will be used for display. If a key is not defined in another menu, Mutt will look for a binding to use in this menu. This is generally considered unsafe, especially where typos are concerned.

Mutt and HTML email

This is because patterns are used to select messages by criteria whereas the pager already displays a selected message. Using list-reply will in this case also make sure that the reply goes to the mailing list, even if it’s not specified in the list of recipients in the Mail-Followup-To.

So, you can have mutt render the HTML abomination in w3m in most cases, and when those instances of particularly cretinous behaviour make it to your inbox, you can choose to view them in your web browser. Some of the modifiers are borrowed right out of C though you might know them from Perl, Python, shell, or another language. If those calls are unable to determine the domain, the full value returned by uname is used.


This warning is to be taken seriously since not only local mail handling may suffer: This also counts for custom variables which are of type string. It can conveniently be used to forward MIME messages while preserving the original mail structure.

Similar to MHexcept that it adds three subdirectories of the mailbox: If set to yesmessages marked for deleting will automatically be purged without prompting. Though there’re precise rules about where to break and how, Mutt always folds headers using a tab for readability. Mutt adds some other modifiers to format strings. The suggested fix worked without a hitch. Settings are not restored when you leave the mailbox. The types of replying supported are:. Mutt supports reading and writing of four different local mailbox formats: It may even be counter-productive as Mutt uses system and library functions that derive the character set themselves and on which Mutt has no influence.

How I Read HTML E-mail with Mutt – TerminalMage dot NET

If setMutt will prompt you for carbon-copy Cc recipients before editing the body of an outgoing message. Mutt has a few nice features for handling mailing lists. This command differs from the compose command in that Mutt will expect standard MIME headers on the data.


Mutt will try mailcp methods are compiled in and available on the server, in the following order: After editing the initial message text and before entering the compose menu, Mutt properly space-stuffs the message. Mutt has a built-in line editor for inputting maulcap, e. If there are multiple responses, Mutt will activate the query menu. If set to nomessages marked for deletion will be kept in the mailbox.

Note that certain operations like composing a new mail, replying, forwarding, etc.

Please note that when editing messages from the compose menu several times before really sending a mail, it’s up to the user to ensure that the message is properly space-stuffed.

I will preface this post with a remark or two that amounts to a warning about intemperate language, mallcap and a generally cranky disposition: When setcolor header regexps behave mailcwp color body regexps: Besides the fact that the system’s operator can always read them, you could forget to mask it out when reporting a bug or asking for help via a mailing list.