The Plains of Passage has ratings and reviews. The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel The Valley of Horses by Jean M. Auel The Mammoth . Автор: Auel Jean, Книга: The Plains of Passage, Серия: Earth Children, Жанр: история. The Plains of Passage. Edit · Classic editor · History · Talk (0) .. References Edit. ↑ Map of The Ukraine from the book ‘The Mammoth Hunters’ by Jean Auel.

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They struck Jondalar on the head, rendering him unconscious, and carried him back to their camp. When it was just his brother and him, it didn’t matter too much. It was so hard for me to have Durc.

It sizzled and steamed as it transferred its heat ppains the water.


Ayla finally noticed that his hands were behind his back. It made Jondalar so worried when I mentioned it, he thought we’d have to stop having Pleasures. I am dead to him, and it’s best if he is dead to me.

She moved forward and uttered a low-toned and prolonged, pulsating bellow, which sent a powerful chill down Ayla’s spine and raised gooseflesh. I know you found a home plians them and were happy. That’s because the book essentially opens with an extremely graphic mammoth sex scene. This crazy tribe decides to have an all-female society by isolating the men from the women.

Jondalar took her in his arms and held her. She was sure the makers of this earthlodge had every intention of returning, just pwssage the Lion Camp did auep winter. We don’t have any stupid Big Misunderstandings, we get to meet a lot of new peoples and customs, and journey stories are some of my favorites. Jondalar was beginning to wonder if they had missed the marked campsite, or if they paswage farther away from it than he had thought. The great steppes were by no means a single, huge, undifferentiated landscape of gracefully swaying stalks.

It had been quickly scratched onto the slab of ivory as an aid to the verbal explanations he had been given, and a reminder of them, and it was not meant to be an accurate representation of the route.


Then she heard faint snufflings. They only ventured into the midgrass and tallgrass regions of the steppes in search of new growth, usually in spring when all the lands were rich with fresh grass plians herbs — which was also the only time of the year when their bones and horns grew.

As the twilight deepened, Jondalar added more wood to the fire, then got auwl slab of ivory with jea map scratched on it and brought it back to aiel it by the firelight. Jondalar does this, Ayla screams that, blah, blah, blah.

Far exceeding in length and diameter the smaller and straighter tusks of the females, his impressive tusks made even the more than respectable ivory of the large bulls seem puny. Jondalar and Ayla straighten out the strange society, and Ayla does a psycho work-up of the leader whose husband didn’t “make her feel wanted. The tallgrass finally began thinning out, and they moved closer to the river looking for a place to camp.

Ayla heard the roar only slightly louder, but she shuddered violently as a shivering vibration tore through her. Whether it’s the totem spirits of the Clan men, or the essence of a man’s spirit that the Mother takes and gives to a woman, it still passagw when a man puts his organ inside and leaves his essence there.

It was not at all scratchy and quite absorbent. I just can’t see anything! It had been no less a surprise to Jondalar, even though she had tried to tell him, after he began to teach her to speak with words again. One day, Attaroa decided to play with Jondalar. The pair managed to escape the flash flood in the nick of time, but some of their supplies were lost.

I know I am forgetting something. Their daring crossing of a big glacier near the end of the book provides psasage tense climax to the novel. Showing of reviews. An handsome pain, a cute pain, but soo pain! Some women he’d tired of after a single experience, but with Ayla it always seemed new.

The Plains of Passage by Jean M. Auel | : Books

From there, the back sloped steeply to the small pelvis and almost dainty hips. Unfortunately, this book is made up almost entirely of the weaknesses and almost none of the strengths.


At the feast, Attaroa tried to kill Ayla. Abetted by training from the man to whom his mother had been mated when he was born, who was acknowledged as the best in his field, Jondalar was a skilled maker of stone tools who had honed his craft on his Journey by learning the techniques of other flint knappers. He opened his mouth to bellow a roar.

The Plains of Passage (Earth’s Children, #4) by Jean M. Auel

It still surprised her. This is really wonderful since they need to cross a glacier before spring! The part in the middle where they meet the S’Armunai is one of the better sequences in pkains whole series and makes this one is ultimately worth reading. Super-Cro Magnons Ayla and Jondalar leave their happy situation with the Mamutoi in quest of Jondalar’s people, the Zelandoni, which involves traveling all passzge prehistoric Europe. Jondalar and Ayla reached the glacier in the nick of time.

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If I’d known I wasn’t going back, I might have taken them with me. She felt even more Mamutoi now, though she was leaving.

Book: The Plains of Passage

During their stay, they learned about a man named Charoli who led a band of young men. It’s just not necessary, it’s the opposite of sharp and concise, which is to plain sloppy. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Though her smiles and laughter had once singled her out as different, and caused her to restrain them, Jondalar loved it when she smiled, and her delight in his laughter, joking, and playfulness magically transformed the already pleasing arrangement of her features; she was even more beautiful when she smiled.

The best parts are when they interact with other bands of people along the way. Thonolan made friends easily, even among strangers, and he made it easy for me. I’d like to meet one some time.