According to award-winning public policy scholar and anthropologist Janine Wedel, these are the “shadow elite,” the prime movers in a vexing new system of . SHADOW ELITE – Review Excerpts. The First HuffPost Book Club Pick of Shadow Elite by Janine Wedel. Arianna Huffington: My first HuffPost Book Club. Janine Wedel is a professor of public policy at George Mason University and author of the book “Shadow Elite: How The World’s New Power.

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Quotes from The Shadow Elite Jan 13, SD Mittelsteadt marked it as to-read.

Shadow Elite – review of the book by Janine R. Ernest Gellner, the noted University of Cambridge social anthropologist, wrote that “Her book This ‘shadow elite’ looks unnervingly similar from one administration to the next, she writes, and a close examination also reveals that the division between public and private work is hard to discern.

In this, the book succeeds admirably.

Books – Shadow Elite

I previously learned about transnational institutions, Liberal institutionalism, Casino Capitalism, Hegemony, realpolitik, social constructionism, and many more International Political Economy theories at my college, so it is nice to extend that knowledge. Flexians and flex nets pursue the ends of their own idealogical masters, which often contradict the other masters they elitte serve.

Jan 04, Rhonda rated it liked it Shelves: This is the first book from the new HuffPost Book Club.

shadoa I previously learned about transnational institutions, Liberal institutionalism, Casino Cap I think Wedel does a good job at describing who the flexians are and what flex nets are in her shhadow.

Ethics are disconnected from a larger public or community and detached from the authority that states and international organizations, boards of directors, and even shareholders once provided.

Now, however, one anthropologist has turned the profession’s pith-helmeted gaze on the top-level politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen who make up the global elite in an attempt to document how well they do their jobs.

This is hardly convincing as academic theorising.

Janine R. Wedel

Written with journalistic clarity without sacrificing theoretical and analytic rigor, Shadow Elite sheds light on a phenomenon largely hidden from the public gaze. In this way, flexians not only “co-opt public policy agendas” but “craft policy with their benefactors’ purposes monetary profit in mind.


Thus while flex nets incorporate important aspects of other such groupings, they also differ from them in crucial ways—and those ways are precisely what make flex nets less visible and less accountable. Published December 1st by Basic Books first published Wedel writes that, just as flexians cannot be reduced to mere lobbyists, neither can flex nets be reduced to interest groups, lobbies, old-boy networks, mafias, and other such groupings in society, government, and business.

Liz Labacz rated it liked it Dec 22, Public Administration Review [8] described Shadow Elite as making “an important contribution to the effort to conceptualize the increasingly problematic role of elites in American government and politics.

Nancy rated it liked it Mar 08, Michele Jacob, “presents an arresting theory elitw power that deserves wide attention…” Choice July This felt like it was in need of a really good edit to tip it into the category of an enjoyable read.

Wedel is co-founder and president of the Association for the Anthropology of Policy formerly known as the Interest Group for the Anthropology of Public Policy. To make matters worse, flexians and their networks are skilled at warding off efforts to illumunate thier methods or activities. Michele Jacob, “presents an arresting theory of power that deserves wide attention…” Choice July By using shacow site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Examples include retired four-star army general Barry R.

And lobbyists’ money is sloshing around Washington, looking for direct and indirect outlets. The consequences are well illustrated by the global economic meltdown that became incontrovertible in the fall of Books by Janine R. Profoundly original, “Shadow Elite” gives us the tools eoite need to recognize these powerful yet elusive players and comprehend the new system. Flexians and flex nets are the consequence of an unprecedented confluence of four transformational 20th and 21st century developments: I feel she should of added more depth to her book because pages isn’t enough for the subject at hand.


First, those concerned with the extant focus of the book: Gary rated it really liked it Dec 19, I also would have preferred less obvious bias.

Her work assesses what she claims is the significant extent to which the new rules take us beyond traditional corruption and conflict-of-interest — and into an accountability-challenged era. Well researched, scary and a bit depressing. Publishers Weekly gave Shadow Elite a starred review.

Janine Wedel’s argument is that political culture at the beginning of the 21st century has changed in such a way” as to make it easier, and even obligatory, for individuals to mask their true agendas and conflicts of interest in creating policies. Nick rated it liked it Jun 05, A good book that shows the power of self ingratiating elites that circumvent democracy.

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sahdow PBS”The supranationals: At moments, it’s engaging, sometimes infuriating, when Wedel outlines some of the shadier aspects of governments that you assume exist, but are still outraged when it’s laid out in well-documented black and white. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The highlights are sporadic as the rest of the book is weighed down by very dry info dumps that aren’t always explained clearly. Shadow Elite by Janine Wedel.

According to award-winning public policy scholar and anthropologist Janine Wedel, these are the “shadow elite,” the prime movers in a vexing new system of power and influence.

Books – Shadow Elite – Reviews

Myron rated it really liked it Sep 08, Wedel has been a pioneer in applying anthropological insights to topics that are typically the terrain of political scientistseconomistsor sociologists. With the players removed from the input and visibility of these hanine, not to mention that of voters, the consequences to the public are multiple and serious. No trivia or quizzes yet.