INTERTHANE NACCO GOLDEN HCE PT A, English, United Kingdom, PDF. INTERTHANE RAL SIGNAL BLUE PT A, English, United Kingdom . Consult International Marine’s INTERTHANE DATA SHEET brochure on NauticExpo. Page: 1/4. PRODUCT INFORMATION. Color. PHBSnow White, PHYJet Black. Also available in a wide range of tinted colors. Finish. High Gloss.

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Interthane may be used on boottop areas at reduced overcoating intervals over appropriate primers.

INTERTHANE 990 – PART B – 0,54L (6:1)

Send us your question. Condensation occurring during or immediately after application may result in a matte finish and an inferior film. Once units of paint have been mixed they should not be resealed and it is advised that after prolonged stoppages work recommences with freshly mixed units.

Customer further agrees that we have no liability for any errors or omissions contained within the Product Data Sheets. Thoroughly flush all equipment with International GTA It is good working practice to periodically flush out spray equipment during the course of the working day. interthanw

International Interthane – Rawlins Paints

When overcoating after weathering, or aging, ensure the coating is fully cleaned to remove all surface contamination such as oil, grease, salt crystals and traffic fumes, interrthane application of a further coat of Interthane Deep Base Part A Download.

Required tools Airless spray Recommended Tip Range thou 0.

Typical Coverage per coat Be the first to write a review for this product! Related Searches Marine epoxy filler International Marine antifouling International Marine epoxy primer International Marine anti-corrosion primer Zinc primer International Marine merchant ship antifouling International Marine merchant ship primer High-gloss coating International Marine professional vessel antifouling International Marine professional vessel primer International Marine topcoat coating International Marine multi-use antifouling Ballast primer International Marine two-component coating Tin-free antifouling Zinc coating International Marine epoxy coating Acrylic coating International Marine tank coating International Marine coating.


Always mix a complete unit in the proportions supplied. The primer surface should be dry and free from all contamination and Interthane must be applied within the overcoating intervals specified consult the relevant product data sheet.

It is your responsibility to read the Product Data Sheets available below before you place an order and prior to application of the product. Open the catalog to page 4. Premature exposure to ponding water will cause color change, especially in dark colors and at low temperatures.

This product must only be thinned using the recommended International thinners. Open the catalog to page 3.

International Interthane 990

Work stoppages Do not allow material to remain inetrthane hoses, gun or spray equipment. Intended Uses Suitable for use in both new construction and as a maintenance finish which can be used in a wide variety of environments including offshore structures, chemical and petrochemical plants, bridges, pulp and paper mills, and in the power industry.

Once the unit has been mixed, it must be used within the working pot life specified. Low molecular weight reactive additives, which will form part of the film during normal ambient cure conditions, will also effect VOC values determined using EPA Method Surface preparation All surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry and free from contamination.


These may be subject to variation depending on factors such as differences in color and normal manufacturing tolerances.

INTERTHANE DATA SHEET – International Marine – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Boating Brochures

We recommend that Customer first purchases the smallest Product available or access an industry standard colour chart in person and not digitally to ensure that the colour is acceptable for its purposes. RAL – Green Beige. Silver Part A Download.

For brush and roller application, and in some colors, two coats of Interthane may be required to give uniform coverage, especially when applying Interthane over dark undercoats, and when using certain lead free bright colors such as yellows and oranges.

International Interthane interthan a two component acrylic polyurethane finish giving excellent durability and long term recoatability. Best practice is to use a color compatible intermediate or anti-corrosive coating under the Interthane Typical Coverage per coat.

Suitable for use in both new construction and as a maintenance finish which can be used in a wide variety of environments including offshore structures, chemical and petrochemical plants, bridges, pulp and paper mills, and in the power industry.

Absolute measured adhesion of topcoats to aged Interthane is less than that to fresh material, however, it is adequate for the specified end use.

Across the world, people are experiencing flexible application, extended recoat windows and reduced surface preparation costs with International Interthane