InDesign includes a semi-autoflow method of threading text frames, which incorporates a few automatic shortcuts but varies only slightly from the manual method. Just do the one step and InDesign will do the other automatically at the same time. InDesign has autoflow, but also several other methods of flowing threaded. Subject Descriptors: InDesign CS5, Smart Text Reflow, Limit to Master would press Shift to autoflow the entire story and add pages as necessary. You will notice that unlike CS3, there is no overset in the corner of your.

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How to autoflow a very long word in InDesign? | Adobe Community

Please enter a title. Hyphenation is a paragraph level attribute, so it can be found inthe panel menu for the Paragraph panel or the Control panel when the Text tool is active, or it can be turned on or off in the paragraph style assigned to the text, which is probably the best place to do it.

I should have explained this better. How do I turn hyphens ON?

Additional hyphens would be a problem. The text contains some text-strings or ‘words’ that are more than characters long. If your text length exceeds the amount that will fit on one wutoflow, InDesign adds as many pages as necessary to accommodate your placed material.

You can not post a blank message. However, I cannot insert spaces or end-of-line into these long ‘words’, as this would change the ‘words’. This causes InDesign to have overset text, and not being able to auto-flow the text.

I then tried to click the red plus sign and continue the text-flow on the following pages, but I just end up with empty text-boxes on the following pages every time I try click the red plus sign. This method fills all the pages and columns of your document with your placed text, but it stops short of adding more pages to fit any text that your current page count can’t accommodate.


I removed the long ‘words’, and tried again, and now InDesign does not appear to have an issue with my text. Warning Text that fills numerous columns and pages when you place it may occupy more or less space after you style it in your desired typeface and size. Hold down the “Shift” key and click to add a text frame that matches the size of your document page minus its margins. I had dashes in my text not hyphens. Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since I would prefer to solve the problem wthout adding extra hyphens.

Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

Things Needed Text or word-processing document. Double-click on the filename or click on the “Open” button to begin the process of adding text to your pages. When you’re designing multipage documents in Adobe InDesign for client projects or autiflow company’s business communications, you don’t want to waste time repeatedly drawing text frames to flow placed text from page to page. If your placed document contains more text than will fit in autovlow area you filled, your cursor automatically remains set in loaded-text mode.

Skip to main content. It seems you have hyphenation turned off at the moment OR ID most likley would have inserted hyphens to break the words across multiple lines. Small Business – Chron. You can repeat this semi-autoflow process as many times as you want until you’ve placed all your text. The format of the text indssign unimportant I have tried.

Adobe InDesign CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts for PC

A lot more detail autofolw really help. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. I have highlighted all the imported text in the text-box, and applied a new paragraph-style, and made sure that the hyphenation is turned on in the paragraph-style, but the long words are still causing problem.


Accessed 30 December Would additional hyphens be a problem? Navigate to the location of the document you want to place. Undoing an autoflow process removes any pages added by autoflow. So the problem is caused by the long ‘words’.

InDesign’s autoflow feature speeds the process of adding copy from text and word-processing files, enabling you to let InDesign do some or all of the work for you. I don’t know why ID cannot work out that it should break my long words at the hyphens. I searched for dashes and replaced them with ‘discretionary hyphens’, and the text indssign flowing. If your page design features columns, InDesign flows the text into them successively. I found the hyphenation.

Ijdesign there a problem if these words are hyphenated? Please type indesigh message and try again. Correct Answers – 10 points.

My suspicion is they are, in fact, non-breaking hyphens, but I’m hoping the OP can shed some light. If indesivn “yes” you can insert Discretionary Line Break characters to allow the words to break, but automating the process might be difficult.

Hold down “Shift-Alt” as you click to add text, triggering InDesign’s fixed-page autoflow indssign. It looks like I would need to turn hyphens ON, and insert a discretionary line break. I think you probably want regular hyphens, not discretionary, if they are meant to be there.

How to Use Autoflow in InDesign

It was already ON. Thanks in advance for both your time and help. Mott has extensive experience writing advertising copy for everything from kitchen appliances and financial services to education and tourism. Go to original post.