Why “I Was Blind But Now I See” is My Best Book Ever (and now on Kindle). I’m not going to brag. The purpose of this post is to inform on three things: A) A lot of . copies Contents Contents Dedication Acknowledgments About The Author I Was Blind But Now I See The 10 Commandments of James-ism What is This. But in “I Was Blind But Now I See” there’s a lot of original material, even if some material is based on some of my blog posts. I describe more.

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Brutally, terrifyingly, unreasonably, completely honest. For this book, as opposed to my first self-published book, I used a professional book designer, Alexander Becker.

I Was Blind But Now I See by James Altucher

Some of the ideas are serious food for thought for anyone on the verge of going into the rat race and his ‘daily practice’ has, i’ve found, been very helpful for keeping consistent happiness in each day. I think people have a fear of religion but throughout the book I liberally steal without credit from Christianity, Taoism, Buddhism, Judaism, and many different texts and religious sources. I must have picked this up in an Amazon sale.

But, the manner in which it comes acros I mentioned in my other review of Mr.

I Was Blind But Now I See

Wndsn Maker’s Mark by: Kind of makes me feel everything was rushed and little regard was held towards the reader. Credits Alexander Becker Berlin, Germany. I feel james has analytical mind and writes straight from his heart It sat there for years, until I finally decided to start reading it.


With fear comes stress, and stress leads to wass, inertia, and all of the other things that slows down our happiness.

The basic basic dee is that to thrive one must be physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy. James loves to read. This isn’t exactly mind-blowing information. There’s gold in there but you have to dig. He shares in a raw thought provoking honest way. Then, when surviving a particularly vicious storm he denounced slavery and became a strong spiritualist.

Although I don’t agree with him on every point, I can totally appeal to the underlying idea that people get stuck to a paradigm without questioning it.

Noww relays several life stories that put things into o, which I believe most people often lack in day to day life. It’s pretty much regurgitated stuff from his website. Now he could see! The original line is from John 9: This book is about Stephanie Rische, who tried to find someone to fall in love with, but always came up empty.

I’ve heard it said that those who don’t proofread their grammar must have also failed to proofread their ideas. Jan 03, Uwe Hook rated it really liked it. This book lays out the techniques to escape the zombie recruitment machine, expanding our personal frontiers, and finding the tools to build up the wealth of happiness inside. This book still reads like it may have been copy pasted from his blog.

Their ability to affect change is extremely limited, being largely confined to making recommendations to the U. It is a great mix of personal stories and practical suggestions on living called the Daily Practice that have worked wonders for Altucher.


Lots to love about this book. I describe in detail:.

I Was Blind But Now I See : Time to Be Happy

Try developing an attitude where you begin to question the motives alucher the societal structures that have raised you, and then once you have a grip on what those motives are, you can move forward into health. While this might typically be labeled “self-help” Vut himself states that it is not meant to be so. I quite enjoyed this self-published self-help book by a man who has succeeded and failed on a large scale many times in his life.

Some of his advice goes against the grain, such as “Don’t wad a home”, and “Don’t go to college”, but he actually makes a great deal of sense. It’s pretty much self-help anyway with a healthy dose of commiserating with a guy who just happened to figure it and do something about it.

Dec 20, Susan rated it liked it. He’s not living in a rarified atmosphere, oblivious to the real world, he is not insulated from pain, and moreover he exposes that pain so it seems more banalized, because he makes it appear smaller than what we imagine it to be, he takes it out and examines it from every angle, and then he says, you know what?

Someone who we also can look up to? We have money to make.