The hexagramas i ching represent images of different universal situations, with his respective combinations between the luminous force celesta, the terrena and . El hexagrama obtenido es el 52, con la sexta línea en mutación Hex 52 del I Ching, ya que es el punto en que se juntan la muerte y la vida. Diagrama de los hexagramas del I Ching propiedad de Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz , El I Ching ([î tɕíŋ] en Mandarín), también conocido como Clásico de los.

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There are four types of lines that can be generated by throwing the coins: Ante esto poco puede hacer el ser individual. Es el fin de un ciclo y el comienzo de uno nuevo. That is the lesson of 64 Hhexagramas Completion too, because its message is that all things change.

Line 1 and 6 changing can also suggest how a situation described by the Primary Hexagram is being viewed from completely opposite perspectives. Discussed in September Blog Feature. Some oracle readers view the progression from bottom to top and consider the topmost line as the prevailing line. For deeper insight into the meaning of a changing line, all line interpretations include the resulting Hexagram that would have been generated if that were the only line changing.

The firmest line of the hexagramas of i ching is represented by an undivided line corresponding to the Yangthe luminous beginning; on the other hand, the soft line consists for a broken line that chinv to the Yinthat is to say at first darkly. No es tiempo, parece, para eso.

For example when Hexagram 5 Waiting has line 1 and 6 changing it becomes 57 Penetration. Think of the answer as a koan or riddle – this is not an oracle with random messages to be rushed through.

The I Ching was originally composed by Taoist masters who’s understanding of life matches to how modern physics describes it today. When both lines are changing 31 Wooing leads to 32 Duration because we establish a strong foundation line 2 with flexibility, consistency and honor the small things line 5. Line 2 is a warning about the same excess that 28 Critical Mass describes so the message of 31 Wooing line 2 suggests Wooing requires a strong foundation.


Tao and the Masters. Read the unchanging interpretation for that Hexagram. Also, to love others, we must first love ourselves.

When line 1 and 6 are the only changing lines, the message of the Primary Hexagram is especially auspicious. Stephen Karcher on Line Changes: Basically under the interpretation of the hexagramas of i-chingthis means that when the course that takes the ehxagramas is according to the universal laws, this itself helps us to achieve the conquest of what we propose to ourselves.

El Hermano Mayor

The side with the two symbols associated with the Phoenix and Dragon are Yang with a value of 3. On the other hand it is important to stand out the fact that the i-ching hexagramas possess two types of regents, one named the constituent where the line grants to the sign his typical sense, and the ruling regent who usually treats of 5to position.

Hexagrzmas tranquilamente significa que hay que hacer un trabajo consciente, hay que disponerse para chiing, no es simplemente sentarse y no hacer nada. Below are additional guidelines that can be used to determine which line prevails No lines are hexaggamas Three lines are changing: A good example is 11 Peace which arrives at line 1, but is exhausted at line 6 where the battle is lost so 18 Decay is the result.

Es una ley natural. Read only the transformed hexagram as the first hexagram has been exhausted.

I Ching – Wikiquote

In 31 Wooing line 1, someone is not inspired enough to act, while in line 6 action is overdone and superficial. WilhelmRudolf Ritsema.

There can be conflicting messages when an I Ching reading delivers multiple changing lines. It is important to bear in mind that the hexagramas I ching show the images of all the states in which it is possible to find the world in its entirety, while the individual lines for his part, indicate inside the above mentioned global circumstances the changeable situations.


Each of the hexagramas i-ching find composed by six line that is constructed and it are begun starting from below up, in a such way that the places of the 1, 3 and 5 talk each other of luminous positions, while the places 2, 6 and 4 are dark distinguished in the first case, ordinary in the second one. By examining all possible ancient and modern correlations we strive to bring you the most comprehensive free I Ching reading available online.

A line by line examination of the teachings of the Primary Hexagram might be explored to avoid the outcome suggested by the Secondary Hexagram. These trigramas tend to get together reciprocally in most of the possible variants, which are eight, and this way 64 cause to hexagramas of i ching. Below are additional guidelines that can be used to determine which line prevails.

When the 56 Wanderer doesn’t get the message to be a better house guest at line 1, he burns u in line 6 and can show the darker side of Hexagram 55 Abundance when it is overdone. This underscores u message of slowness, or the patience required when approaching the changes you are attempting.

Read the uppermost line that is not changing. Any changing or old lines will create a Secondary Hexagram which reveals both the basis of your question and the changes that are at play.

Voices of the Changing Lines By examining all possible ancient and modern correlations we strive to bring you the most comprehensive free I Ching reading available online.