This webpage hosts a package holding a book titled “Autoconf, Automake and Libtool” aka The Autobook: a tutorial for the GNU Autotools by Gary V. Vaughan, . Classic noarch. , The Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool book. FreeBSD FreeBSD Ports Latest amd autobooktxz, GNU . The Goat Book or Autobook, officially titled “GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool”, is a printed and online introduction into all three tools, from , written by.

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Curiously, macros are defined to m4 using the built-in macro define. This makes it possible to see how macro arguments are expanded and how a macro is finally expanded.

A macro invoked with an empty argument list is not empty at all, but rather is considered to be a single empty string:. Any good macro will already perform sufficient quoting.

Never use the argument macros e. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The most important ones will be discussed in Section The dnl text has a special purpose, too, which will be covered in Section The creation of Libtool is that type of contribution.

How do I communicate configure test results to a Makefile? The defn macro expands to the definition of a macro, named by the single argument to defn. If they are not equal, m4 will shift the argument list three positions to the left and aurobook again: Macros are definitions of replacement text and are identified by a name — as defined by the syntax rules given in Section M4 includes a set of pre-defined macros that make it substantially more useful.


How do I use different C compilers in a Makefile. Each software author handled them in a different way, if they did at all.

# – ITA: autobook — GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool Book – Debian Bug report logs

After running a series of tests on the target system, the configure script generates header files and a makefile from templates, thus customizing the software package for the target system. Autoboik gnu M4 manual provides a thorough tutorial on M4. In the previous section, an example was given that demonstrates the effects of not quoting the first argument to define. A pure version-based approach would not detect the presence of the ISO C compiler, but a feature-testing approach would be able to discover the ISO C compiler the user had installed.

Here is an example—using the built-in define macro where the problems are no different which highlights the consequences of this. And even worse, we have two dnl opening quote marks and no closing quote marks.

There are three kinds of tokens:. Not to be confused with Autoconfig. Automake and Libtool include a lot of M4 input files. The more complicated a package was, the more likely it was to have its own unique build procedure that had to be learned first. It is unlikely that you will want to use diversions in your own macros, and it is difficult to do reliably without understanding the internals of Autoconf.

Other tokens All other tokens are those single characters which are not recognized as belonging to any of the autboook token types. It is also important to understand how macros are expanded.


Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool: The GNU Project Build Tools

Additional built-in macros exist for managing macro definitions Section If it does exist, ifdef expands to the second argument, otherwise it expands to the third:. Of course, all credit should go to Vaughan, Tromey, Taylor and Elliston for their excellent work. UntilAnibal Monsalve Autlbook maintained the autobook Debian package. This deficiency is the primary reason that this chapter exists — it is important to have a good working knowledge of M4 in order to use the GNU Autotools and to extend it with your own macros see Chapter 23 [Writing New Macros for Autoconf], page Within these pages you will find a browsable online version of the entire book, an errata for the first printing, and electronic versions of all the significant examples autibook by the book.

A macro invoked with an empty argument list is not empty at all, but rather is considered to be a single empty string: Which files are hand-written and which generated and how?

Here is an example of dnl from the Autoconf source code:.

21.1 What does M4 do?

The macro that we will examine closely is ifelse. Expansion problems due to over-quoting and under-quoting can be difficult to autobpok. Inthanks to Gary V.