Abstract. This paper describes a computer-aided design for design of the concave globoidal cam with cylindrical rollers and indexing turret. Abstract—This paper describes a computer-aided design for design of the concave globoidal cam with cylindrical rollers and swinging follower. Four models. Globoidal Cams combine great strength and stiffness with compactness. MechDesigner will calculate the Globoidal cam profile to machine accuracy (no.

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Design and Manufacture Globoidal Cams – any Motion

The following is one way that can be used to get the cam surface. In order to choose the best one among them, the interference between the cam and its rollers must be checked. Two points on the section, which are intersection points between the symmetry axis of the section and its edges, must follow two 3D curves.

The goboidal of the system is set to 0. To globoidwl a motion for the follower, a point on one roller axis has to trace along a 3D curve on the pitch surface. Creating the assembly model. Create a revolution surface of the globoidal body of the cam Figure 1 1a.

Globoiidal answer has been taken into account. The follower will not move when the rollers still contact with the cam surfaces in the dwell periods.

Globoidal Cam | Fine Tech Engineering | Manufacturer in Rajkot | ID:

Creating and Running Analyses. Create the two pitch surfaces at the same time by using the Variable Section Sweep command Figure 1 0a with the same constrains in glogoidal 3 in the first method.

Create 3 graphs for the angle between the sweeping line and the datum plane Figure 9 bthe height of the pitch point on the sweeping line, and the distance radius from the pitch point to the cam axis. Solutions for use in packaging, printing and silk-screening machines, linear conveyors The outline of the chapter is as follows.


Globodial two axes of two rollers in this case study will generate two pitch curved surfaces. See the other products Sankyo America. This type is also called roller gear cam or Ferguson drive Rothbart, In this study, four modelling methods are developed to create the concave globoidal cam.

Globoidal Cam

Therefore, the first method is the best choice when considering the modelling methods. All ZZ cam mechanisms are fitted with through hardened and ground cams. After that, use the Mechanism Design module to define the geometrical relationships of the system, make it move and analyze its motion also.

A cam caj converts a uniform input This 3D curve is available on the model 3 and model 4.

This is the basis for high precision, positive action and long service life. Evaluate the quality of the search xam The difference with these is that turn a ring instead In this study, the concave globoidal cam with swinging roller follower is modeled from angular input and output displacements.

Some techniques which introduced above can be used for that case.

Finally, conclusion remarks are given in Section 5. With DirectIndustry you can: These interferences appear on both sides of the rib on the rise and return periods, where the curvature of working surfaces changes strongly, and can be seen in the graphic window Figure 1 5. If the diameters of the cutter and the roller are equal, the motion of the cutter will be similar to that of the roller in the machining process, and of cwm, the cutter must rotate about its axis roller axis. Datum plane is the plane normal to the cam axis and contains the follower axis.

Furthermore, besides modelling methods, some important techniques that are useful for designers to find out the most accurate model are also represented. Some other researchers also described mathematicaly the cam surface, but they used computer to develop a package, which was a combination of Gpoboidal R14, 3D Studio Max, and VBA, to generate the surfaces of the roller gear cam En-hui et al.


It is applicable fields of applications such as on intermittent movements with various sizes such as 80 up to Thus, these clearances must be checked to ensure that they are small enough. Edited by Er Meng Joo. Obviously, these gaps also cause errors in the output angular displacements but these errors are very small and can be accepted.

Figure 13 shows the cam-follower system in the Mechanism application with the slot-follower connection. The angle between two positions called frames in Mechanism Design module is 0.

Modelling methods There are some methods used to model concave globoidal cams.

The origin trajectory in this case is the circle which is the intersection between datum plane and the cam body. Right Angle Indexers are ideal for high speed, high accuracy applications. Built by scientists, for scientists.

Design and Manufacture Globoidal Cams

There are some calculations that must be done before making the models as follows: Meanwhile, it took quite long with the methods that used 3D curves method 3 and 4.

Some of them are presented in Table I in the appendix. An end mill cutter can generate the surfaces of a globoidal cam. Servo motor can also be applied for the follower. There are totally positions globoldal for a full revolution of the cam. They are constructed in a small enclosure made from iron alloy and are integrated with wide mounting positions. To see the cam easily, the pitch surfaces on four final models in figures 9 to 12 are hidden.

The working surfaces of the globoidal cams are the surfaces that contact with the roller surfaces.