Homeland is a fantasy novel by American writer by R. A. Salvatore, the first book in The Dark Elf . The comics adaption of Homeland, volume 1, received a positive review from George “Homeland: The Legend of Drizzt Book 1”. sfsite. com. THE LEGEND OF DRIZZT. Homeland Dark corridors meander throughout the dark realm in winding courses, connecting became an old and forgotten tale. Alternative view 1 of Forgotten Realms: Homeland (Legend of Drizzt #1) Child of the Northern Spring: Book One of the Guinevere Trilogy.

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Oct 27, Connor rated it really liked it Shelves: I will certainly read the remaining books in this series. Drizzt is awesome, and I thought the characters were all pretty interesting.

Love and honour have no place on Homeland, where hate, cruelty and violence rule, burried deep within the bowels of the earth under the strict supervision of the mal Buddy Read with Chris I picked this one up out of sheer curiosity because everyone I know was gushing about it.

Raised in the anarchic city of Menzoberranzan, his family is but one of many houses of dark elves whose armies constantly seek to supplant one another in a chaotic race for dominance. Salvatore paints a bleak picture but a lot of the settings were painted much better than was done in Dragons.

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Homeland (Forgotten Realms novel) – Wikipedia

Most of his panels, compositions and action sequences are very well done. Oh, and if you do a Master’s thesis on the sociological implications of the text, as I’ve outlined above, my consultant fees are reasonable. Jake It is set in the same universe, the Forgotten Realms. In this book the vast majority of the characters are written in different shades of black with an rorgotten of Drizzt and possibly his mentor Zak.


I look forward to seeing how Salvatore handles Drizzt’s emotions as an outcast from among his own people and am especially excited to see where Drizzt’s wanderings take him. I’m slowly getting all of them and as I have been searching there are a lot of them.

I have not read a lot of “Forgotten Realms” novels and did not go into this book with overly high expectations. As the first book of The Dark Elf Trilogy, it provides back story to Drizzt who appeared pretty much fully-formed and complete in the novel The Crystal Shard. If anyone starts reading this book and finds it a little hard to get into at first, I would definitely recommend you stick with it, as you will be greatly rewarded.

Forgotten Realms: The Legend of Drizzt Vol. 1 – Homeland

tje I am extremely happy legenx have finally read about the famous Drizzt! Book number in my Science Fiction and Fantasy reading project. Born inSalvatore is a native of Massachusetts and resides there with his wife Diane, and their three children, Bryan, Geno, and Caitlin. One of the most distinctive aspects of this novel is the role that women play in the drow world.

Where does he get these morals? Does this book series have any relation to the drzizt PC rpg, Icewind Dale? This was a very interesting and different type of read for me. And now I’ll be the one doing the gushing because – and I just have to say it – this book is amazing! She told him, cruelly and with much delight, that Zaknafein had been sacrificed to Lolth in order to regain legwnd Spider Queen’s favor. Jul 17, Markus rated it liked it Shelves: Buddy Read with Chris I picked this one up out of sheer curiosity because everyone I know was gushing about it.

Anyway welcome to Menzoberranzan I will award my very special bonus points to anybody who was able to pronounce the city’s name correctly on the first try.

Homeland by R.A. Salvatore

I love the setting. Salvatore does an outstanding job of painting a picture. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings as a Christmas gift. It might be easy to pretend to believe a certain way and to talk a good game, but there would have come a moment, many moments, where he was called to act in a way in keeping with his society, and he would have balked.


For everyone else, this is a solid start to something that could be very good with some slight improvements. Now, all that said, I really did enjoy the book. It is the story of the odd man out and it would have probably been much more impactful if I had read it at the time it was published, but I am glad I finally dived into this world.

But, due to the nature of the genre, Salvatore never had a chance. Please let me know if I missed somebody.

You can feel his inner struggles trying to fit in, but at the same time refusing to go completely murderous and villainous as the rest of his race. Muy recomendable y yo ya tengo en la mira el segundo libro: He promptly changed his major from computerscience to journalism.

Methinks thou hast bitten off more than thou canst chew. He is stuck in a life he hates. Into this society, Drizzt Do’Urden is born, a drow with rare violet eyes and a conscience. Surprisingly, Homeland is a far more character driven book – a drow aka.

I was a little slower actually getting interested in the story line. To put it simply, drows who are less evil than Sauron, Shai’tan, and Wicked Witch of the East rolled in one simply do not survive for long.

Starting with Homeland and proceedin http: