Acronym: CCA. Sometimes referred to as warehouse moth or tropical warehouse moth; scientific references may use Ephestia cautella. The reduction in mating of Ephestia cautella caused by permeation of the atmosphere with synthetic sex pheromone components was investigated in the. Adults of Ephestia cautella (Wlk.) were exposed to pressures of , , , and mm Hg at 26 ± 1 °C and 70 ± 5% r.h., in a specially designed.

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Freezing and Heating Where the infrastructure exists, freezing for several days and cuatella for 24 hours have proved to be effective control methods for stored product pests. Crop Protection Compendium, Edition. Only moths who live to adulthood will be able to reproduce and thus spread the bacteria further.

By using this site, cauutella agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The female will either assume an acceptance posture, which essentially means that she remains immobile, or a rejection posture, which can involve movement away from the male or flapping of wings. There are normally five larval instars and larval development, under optimum conditions A variety of species within the order Hymenoptera are parasites of the almond moth.

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Ascidaein relation to the natural control of Ephestia Cautella Walker Lepidoptera: Talwana, Makerere University; John R. Ichnemonidaeand a Predator Xylocoris flavipes Hemiptera: Although the moth infests several different kinds of food, the larvae develop most rapidly on wheat-based products. Trematerra, P et al. Margraf Publishers Scientific books, German. Larval growth and rate of development depends on temperature.


The back edges of the wings are lined with a short fringe.

These seminal compounds appear to contain chemicals which decrease female remating, and enhance the number of eggs laid by the female. The mating system is polygamous ; however, many females will only mate once.

Behavioral and pheromonal isolation of Plodia interpunctella and Cadra cautella in the laboratory”. The adult tropical warehouse moth is commonly confused with the Indian meal moth, Plodia interpunctella but can be differentiated from it by the distinct colouring of the forewings of Indian meal moth a dark band separating the two differently coloured halves of the forewing.

Ephestia Cautella, Warehouse Almond Moth – Russell IPM – SPI

In heavy infestations the mature larvae leave the produce to pupate on surfaces such as walls of the store or in spaces between bags. Journal of Economic Entomology. Cadra cautella Walker Click on images to enlarge Adult ephesia of the tropical warehouse moth, Cadra cautella. High temperatures were tested against egg, late larval instars and pupal stages of E. Adults live for about 10 days after eclosion and do not eat, but may drink if water is available.

Caterpillar below and pupa above in peanut husks. First, a large spermatophore decreases the likelihood that the recipient female will remate, and if she does, a large spermatophore ensures a better chance of paternity for the first male moth. Adults The adult forewings are greyish-brown with scattered darker patches.


Factsheet – Cadra cautella Walker, – Tropical Warehouse Moth

Sticky traps baited with a sex pheromone can be used to monitor adults. Previous tab Next tab. Braconidae and Trichogramma pretiosum Hymenoptera: This is marked by tensing of the abdominal muscles, which raises the abdomen, spreads the wings, and retracts the ovipositor.

Journal of Pest Science The purpose of the study was to verify the efficacy of a mating-disruption system MD applied in a confectionary factory infested by almond moths, Ephestia cautella Walkerusing pheromone traps and the presence of spermatophores in females caught with water traps.

It can be found in temperate countries but can only survive the winter in heated areas. Exposure of the late larval instars for more than The presence of spermatophores in females allowed determination of mating status: The tropical warehouse moth is found throughout the tropics and subtropics where it is more common in non-arid areas.