Visit ELZAB S.A. from Zabrze at EuroShop in Düsseldorf in Hall 7 Stand C ELZAB K10+ 3K cash register; ELZAB D10; ELZAB Mini E; ELZAB Jota E .

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Such solution can undoubtedly be called the fastest scanning-weighing solution dedicated for integration. Audio price checking is an absolutely new feature in such a kind of devices. The scanner-scale, designated for integration, due to the Hi-Tec features of the scanner, is designed for a very busy scanning environment.

Kasa elzab mini zmiana nazwy towaru

Continues appreciated features of previous generation as reliability of scanners, ergonomics and durability of casing. The design of the case prevents flooding of plugs and sockets. Price checker may be fixed to the metal plate by means with special detents.

The upper cover of the scanner is furnished with toughened safety glass and constitutes the scale platter. The starting set of consumables attached to the printer allow for its start-up immediately after unpacking.

You couldn’t have found the better place. Retail technology Price checkers Yes we can This company is main exhibitor of. The scanning takes place instantaneously, without delays resulting from inaccurate code layout. The programming languages used: Intended use Saturn 2M is intended for integration in tops or cash register cubicles in trade facilities of various sizes. The result of weighing may be sent with pressing of the proper key of the scale, the cash register, the POS terminal, or automatically or on the continuous basis.

Here is the right place! This function is deactivated automatically after weighing the product or manually, after prior programming of this option. External bar code scanner For large, elzag or awkward-sized items when the bar code reading is difficult or impossible is possible to connect hand held scanner to the price checker. Guarantee of quality and continuity of deliveries Vega 2 is part of the CAT 27 scale family, known for uniquely meticulous manufacture.


Scanning difficult, badly printed or damaged codes has become problem-free. Participation as Exhibitor Forums. What is more, there is possibility of price checker installation in existing wired network.

This document should elzwb stored throughout the life of the scale. This improves comfort and speed of work of the clerk, because the weighing and scanning operation is done in the same place. Intended use and application The ELZAB Prima 2 scale is used in trade facilities of various sizes, from marketsquares or bazaars, small shops, to medium-size, to large facilities, depending on the intensity of weighing processes in the given department.

The design of the scale enables its integration in the top, so it may e,zab part of a fully functional and, at the same time, cheap cashdesk post.

For super or hypermarkets the omni-directional laser or area imager scanners are recommended. It is made of stainless steel and is resistant to various factors present in difficult work conditions: High quality The reliable subassemblies applied will enable long-term, failure free operation.

Possibility mink graphics self-preparing allow to display the elements with visual identification of customer. The programming languages applied, i.


It is possible to set e,zab male or female voice. Or maybe you’re starting a new business and you’re confused about selecting the proper cash register, fiscal printer or POS screen?


The size of price checkers database refers to the size of system cash register database. Thanks to imni efficient battery and possibility to communicate via WiFi it is priceless as an element of a mobile point of sale.

The printer has functions informing the user on the necessity to prepare a daily or monthly report for the preceding month. Trade fair preparations Checklist At elzan glance. Ethernet as a standard and higher printing speed than that of comparable devices make it an exceptional offer for the users.

Razem z tym laptopem to naprawdę elegancko jest. Elzab Mini. | Kasy fiskalne | Pinterest | Mini

The ELZAB Prima 2 scale is used in warehouses and wholesale facilities and food production and processing plants of various industries, as well as in gastronomy. The imager scanning system is an embedded digital camera with a CCD matrix scanning the code as a whole.

POS printers, coupon printers. The basket, which should be put in the opening cut in the top, facilitates quick installation of the device and affects aesthetics.

All standard 1DS and numerous 2D codes are decoded. The starting set of consumables attached to the printer allows for its start-up immediately after unpacking. The newest generation devices keeping their usable functionality jini modern design and new functions are completely suitable to the store arrangement.

International Trade Press Stand. It is applicable in offices, institutions or retails stores and in health services, pharmacies and courier services. Characteristics of the device Vega 2 is a modern muni scale made entirely of stainless steel.