In the ancient city of Easton, Rhapsody is learning musical magic after a brief Elizabeth Haydon, Author Tor Books $ (p) ISBN ELIZABETH HAYDON. Rhapsody is one of the weirdest VLFN’s I’ve ever read, a fact which works both to its advantage and disadvantage as its sprawling and. Rhapsody: Child of Blood (The Symphony of Ages) [Elizabeth Haydon, Kevin T. Collins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rhapsody, n.

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This only gets two stars because Achmed and Grunthor are pretty cool characters. All I know is the only thing I can remember about these books is how much I hated Rhapsody yes of course that’s her name.

Rhapsody: Child of Blood

When we first see her, she conducts herself almost like some Xena-esque, take-no-shit warrior woman, quick on the draw with a dagger and a snappy insult. While journeying, he feels Rhapsody’s strong magic from miles away, and is unable to resist investigating.

By doing so, she left her real name into the hiding along with her little son. Jay Rose not much sex. He goes to his grandmother, a Seer named Anwyn, and asks her about Emily, but she tells him that she didn’t escape with the Cymrians this is technically true, even though Emily does, in fact, escape.

They are as complex as all her other characters. Mar 16, Kim rated it really liked it.

It takes too long for Haydon to make up her mind exactly who she wants Rhapsody to be. The tension builds between them, mostly because Ashe tries to get information from her, but reveals very little about himself. With her beauty and her talent! The Rhapsody Trilogy is based on three characters who find themselves in a land on the brink of disaster. Dec 19, Jeff rated it it was amazing.


A fourteen-year-old royal-born boy is sent one thousand years rjapsody in time, is completely unfazed by this process, instantly falls in love with The Most Beautiful and Obviously Intelligent Girl Ever in the History of Ever, and obviously they’re soulmates, so it’s totally cool that they have lots of sex.

While some VLFN rhapsod paint their prose every shade of purple under the sun in an overt attempt to force a sense of grandeur onto the proceedings, Haydon goes for clarity. This woman is blond, thin, beautiful beyond description, modest, magically talented, an expert swordswoman, loves all children — excuse me while I go retch.

He is extremely hideous and even adult men are scared by his looks.

She was born on January 01, in Michigan, United States. Jul 06, Lisa Kay rated it it was amazing Shelves: I did not have much of a problem with Jo although I kind of wondered what her place was in the story – or I did until I looked up the Wikipedia articles on this series. What I wouldn’t give for him to turn to stone. Now, several centuries after the war’s end, the lands are divided in many independent domains. Feb 04, Andy P rated it did not like it.

I mean, SHE’S a special snow flake while all the rest of them are coarse farm girls. The book starts out with a decent, if heavy handed deus ex machina of an opening. There’s a certain way an author lays out a tapestry on which you can see every detail. These problems do get better as time goes on, and the third book is almost bearable, it’s all still awfully annoying.


I enjoyed it, which I believe counts for at least a small bit. But I really enjoyed the author’s humor which showed through the banter exchanged between the close friends and allies, and I became somewhat obsessed with finding out what happened to the two young lovers that we met in the first fifty pages or so. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited too!

I delighted in Grunthor, and felt great appreciation for Achmed. They haydom inherently evil and desire above all else to release their fellow F’dor from the Vault of the Underworld and burn the entire world to ashes. The easiest, most sympathetic targets.

It needs to be, y’know, good.

Elizabeth Haydon Books In Order. ALSO, the guy is only conscious of his physical reactions after seeing this girl. Shortly afterwards, haydn soldiers entered Merryfield, looking for a strange outlander. Retrieved from ” https: Early in Serendair’s history, a star named Melita fell from the sky and into the sea, wiping out half of the island’s land mass.

Elizabeth Haydon – Wikipedia

Within the first few chapters I was enraptured by the tale unfolding, nearly throwing the book away in despair and defiance after a poignant moment. He was probably my favorite character, followed by Stephen and Ashe.

Jack Reacher haydoh back! So I am in minority because I hate this book.