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Traxxas E-Maxx Radio Controlled Truck | eBay

Some of which are the bottom plate, shocks, etc. This ensures that the batteries discharge at the same mzxx, preventing the LVC from kicking in on either system before the other- see below: Nov 33906, Adjustable slipper clutch protect this radio controlled truck’s gear system to control wheel-spin.

With the help of EVX electronic speed control in this radio controlled truck, you can control the speed both in forward and reverse directions. Also for use on Pro. There are a great many brands out there, so choosing the best for your needs is somewhat tricky sometimes.

When charging, and discharging running them in a vehiclethe individual cells in a pack amxx become out of balance. Very little plastic on this truck. Typical “Dog Bone” Driveshaft.

Beyond this there are alloy r which are much more robust, but also generally much more expensive, and also shocks with threaded bodies, which allow max an even greater degree of tuning.

You will receive parts as pictured. All in all it’s a great electric truck that will provide hrs of fun at a reasonable price. For example, the feigao XL motors tend to draw about amps at peak current levels, so you should select a battery that can supply at least 80amps continuous.

Their resting voltage is 3. The issues are that the stock slipper clutch uses small friction pegs inserted into the spur gear and a spring loaded pressure plate to control torque delivery; the problem is too much slippage causes the slipper pegs to melt, and the spur will just spin and spin, without sending any power to the wheels, or the slipper plate will overheat causing the spur gear to melt in the centre.


Under BL power and high rpms many tires tend to balloon in diameter, which can cuase them to tear or fly apart, or at the very least cause loss of control.

There are many different shocks available, but I will just cover the main, most popular ones: Amxx shocks are sold by Proline, and are a very popular upgrade among racers and bashers alike.

A more long term solution is upgrade to either RPM towers, or to aluminium aftermarket brands. Bolt both motors to the transmission, and connect the escs to the receiver rx throttle channel via the servo Y-harness.

The E-Maxx Model version. The centre shafts of the old Emaxx are a different length macx that of the new truck, so you will either need to use the Traxxas or aftermarket brands of center CVDs specifically designed for the shorter wheelbase emaxx, or seek out some dogbone shafts instead perhaps. Personal choice will dictate your route, however try to avoid metal body posts and towers, and use Integy towers at your own risk; some have luck, some don’t. The Servo Database The hobbico servo is the same spec as the hitec servo linked too, but a bit cheaper.

Turns the E-Maxx into a completely different machine running on lipo’s I run dual mAh 2S lipo’s and get around mins run time maybe a little more- 30 mins if I’m macx it really easy on the truck. I built it from a kit. This thread is privately moderated by hadawayjwho may elect to delete unwanted replies. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Upgradeable four 5×8 bearings not included.

Traxxas E-Maxx 3906 Radio Controlled Truck

This is due to something known as ‘ripple current’, whereby the voltage from the batteries fluctuates rapidly and drops as the current output increases beyond what it can provide due to high Internal Resistance IR. Carefully shimming the ring and pinion will also help to some extent: Sep 30, Has the traxxas aluminum shocks with gold shafts.


The uses special 17mm hexes to withstand the torque of the MMM system. These were removed from a new Traxxas Teflon Washers 6×9.

Center Main Gear Box. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

Trending Price New. Aftermarket hexes and adaptors allow you to use anything between 12 and 23mm- 17mm and 23mm being the most common generally.

Aluminium skids are good, but they tend to bend rather than flex in a crash; FLM aluminium skidplates are quite sturdy it must be said though- using those in conjunction with some RPM bumpers would protect the front end from damage in all but the worst head-on crashes. Very clean very powerful. People who bought this also bought. Most relevant reviews See all 12 reviews.


An old PC is a good source for a good strong power supply, though it will require some modifications to serve its new function- a quick google search should yield good results for tutorials. BodyShells The old truck has a wheelbase which is suited to a wide range of aftermarket shells, including a great many nitro model shells too which will fit in place almost perfectly with very little effort. Skip to max content.

For an indepth guide please click the link below- the build is based around a new Emaxx but the exact same principles still apply kaxx the old Emaxx: