View and Download DUROMAX XPE owner’s manual online. Gasoline Powered Generator. XPE Portable Generator pdf manual download. Also for . Duromax XPE Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Duromax XPE Owner’s Manual. GENERAL SAFETY PROCEDURESPlease familiarize yourself with the following safety symbols and words: The safety alert symbol is used with one of the.

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Repeated expos ure to mist may cause eros ion of. Gasoline and oil leaks seem to dominate the complaints.

Sulfuric Acid Mist exposure may aggravate medical conditions such as.

If battery case is broken, avoid direct con tact. Amazon, has been found to totally reimbursed purchases based on certain circumstances. Remove contaminated clothing mabual obtain. Store away from reactive material as defined in Section V, Reactivity Data.

Checking The Oil -A vacuum – Pressurized air Never clean your generator with a bucket of water or a hose. To calculate the total wattage requirement of the electrical devices you wish to duromwx, find the rated or running wattage of each device.

This manual also for: Page 6 In addition to the above safety notices, please familiarize your self with the safety and hazard markings on the generator.

DUROMAX XP4400E Owner’s Manual

Both the Duramax XP and the XP E generators can provide 3, watts of continuous power and can surge up to 4, watts of starting power. To the right you have the Volt meter which tells you the out put at all times and below this xp4400w have the outlets for the 12Volt DC and the circuit breaker for this outlet between the two connectors.


They are ideal for use when camping or in your RVs to power air conditioners and other appliances. Nonetheless, you should check the oil level of the generator before each use to ensure that the generator crankcase has a sufficient amount. They found the generators to be giving out the power that they are rated for and found them to be very economical to use while being very quiet for their size. Next to this is the circuit breaker which shuts Off the power in case of overload and below this you have a nut for grounding the generator.

Contact with eyes and sk in causes irritation and skin burns.

Ruromax Hazards Acute and Chronic: Generator Assembly And Mounting continued Move generator to a level surface to Generator is not on level from page prevent low oil shutdown from surface. Enter text from picture: You need to keep your generator clean and see that there is no dirt blocking the air cooling fins. However, we know warranty has a price.

Figure 1- Generator Oil Capacity They range from not being able to return defective delivered units, bad gas tanks, bad parts like fuel gauge, switches, poor quality control.

However, there is a high percent of complaints xp4400d defective parts, lack of quality control, and poor customer service. With a continuous output of 3, watts manjal a surge capacity of up to 4, watts these generators can give out sufficient power to keep your house going during manuap outages and with and also these generators supply constant voltage so they are also safe for your electronic appliances. Besure to take a good accounting at delivery. Duromax has a wide range of generators to suit all requirements and the Duromax XP and Duromax XPE are just two in its range of generators.


Duromax XPE : MSDS : Page 2

Always use a damp cloth or soft brush to clean your generator. Just beware of accepting a delivery before a full inspection. Duromax promotes its generators that are reliable, durable and built with quality in mind.

Another fact that they liked about these generators was that their price was very reasonable as compared to other comparable generators, but one should note warranty coverage as one reason why.

Fuel Filter Cup Cleaning The fuel filter cup is a small well underneath the fuel valve. Always check for fuel spills. Preparing The Generator For Use 1. Oil is low Add or replace oil.

Inorganic acid mist su lfuric acid mist is not generated un der normal use of this. You can also get a generator transfer switch it to safely connect mabual home to the generator, which comes with a transfer switch, a 10 foot power cord and a power inlet box.