SE Error! INSTRUCTION MANUAL. RevNo . Thank you for purchasing Datavideo’s SE Digital Video Switcher. Except as specifically explained elsewhere in this manual, do not attempt to service The Datavideo HS combines the SE 4 channel switcher with the. The SE is a broadcast quality four Instruction Manual and Demo CD. Datavideo Locations Datavideo Corporation USA. U.

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Page 55 The point of all this technical information is ultimately to help you to make high quality video: Sample applications We figured, being practical minded, that the best way to show off what the SE can do is to give you some examples of how it could be used in real life situations. For more information, see Mode select in the Using Transitions section, page 35, and Mode select in the Using Effects section, page Enter text from picture: Freeze This effect freezes the incoming video, as selected on the Main Video Source bus.

Audio Input Level Calibration Procedure The first step in setting up the audio for a session with your SE consists of datavidep the levels on each channel you will be using.

Controls and Operations page 22 and Output and Monitor, page These faders correspond to the selector buttons above and control the relative volume of each input in the master output as well as the master output level. These set ups can be modified for use in a lot of different situations. Audio follow video switch. Some General Notes on Installation There are a few other things to be aware of when you are installing and integrating the SE The process for each input channel will be very similar to the process we just used to calibrate the program monitor, except we were adjusting the controls on the monitor, and now we will be adjusting the controls on the SE Composite video input BNC 1c.


Data link layer 2.

When they are set at Unity, at 6, they pass the audio signal through at the same level it was at when it entered this bus. Of a signal most often audiothe ratio of the sum of the powers of all harmonic frequencies above the fundamental to the power of the fundamental, usually expressed in dB.

SE – Datavideo Technologies Co.

For more information, see Using SDI, page Page 17 Do this: This product should only be operated from the type of power source indicated on the marking label of the AC adapter. See the next section below for more information.

What Is A Frame Synchronizer The SE has a full frame synchronizer also known as a time base corrector or TBC at its Main and Sub Source inputs 2 total to insure switches without distortion and smooth, well-regulated video at its output. Internal Link error Note: Please make sure you have read the Warnings and Precautions section on page 3. What we want to do here is to provide a bit more in depth information, deeper background, on some relevant topics, and give you a framework for ee800 technical manula.

Datavideo SE-800 Manuals

Troubleshooting These set ups can be modified for use in a lot of different situations. In either case, it shows that the signal passing through that particular control is being neither boosted nor cut. Declaration of Conformity Model Number: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 40 Horizontal compress, top to bottom Horizontal compress, bottom to top Vertical compress, left to right Vertical compress, right to left Right angle wipe off, lower right to upper left Right angle wipe on, upper left to lower right Right angle wipe off, lower left to upper right Right angle wipe on, upper right to lower manyal Right angle reveal, upper right to lower left Right angle reveal, lower left to upper right Connect the recorder, input, and monitor devices as shown.


For each input you plan to be using, have a valid signal and adjust the Color Processor controls on the SE in this order: Using the Keypad to customize a transition The windows at the top of this section display parameter data relating to the selected effect. Page 48 Page 49 – Datacideo Event Switching: Audio input selectors and level controls 3. You may change it accordingly.

Input format selector Setup video 8.

Effects There are two places on the SE where you can se80 effects: While all the outputs of the SE are very high quality, keep in mind that the video quality of the various maanual, in descending order, goes like this: Got it, continue to print. The point of this set up is to produce and record, in one pass, a multi source program.

Page 64 9 is Vin V5. Their purpose is to stabilize the video signals as they come into the switcher, and to synchronize their timing so that they can be switched and otherwise combined with no disruption to the video signal. These fall into 2 categories: Each is active when the LED on the Audio bus selector button Page 38 Mode selects and use The default mode for the SE, and the one you will use most often, is Video.

Monitor output, composite video BNC 1d.

Datavideo SE Manuals

Page 53 cameras, recorders, switcher, etc. Appendix Glossary of Terms analog video: Brightness, Contrast, Color, and Tint are pressed.

Monitor Calibration, page Please let us know how you are using your SE, and take a look at the web site to see how others are using their SEs! And what does that really mean?