Cooking with Fernet Branca has ratings and reviews. Richard said: Rating: * of fiveThe Publisher Says: Gerald Samper, an effete English s. Cooking with Fernet Branca, by James Hamilton-Paterson. A comedy of menus high up in Tuscany. Christopher Hirst; Monday 26 July Cooking with Fernet Branca. by James Hamilton-Paterson (Europa; $). In this comic novel, two expats try to live on the same Tuscan.

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Where to buy Where to buy Where to buy. And I think part of the problem, frankly, was that I didn’t quite get the satire, as the target — expat Europeans living in Tuscany — is a bit beyond my ken.

Review: Cooking With Fernet Branca by James Hamilton-Paterson | Books | The Guardian

Lots of somewhat contradictory adjectives come to mind. This neighbour has been told exactly the same thing. Well, before moving any farther along in this review process, let me send out the call: It is a spiced liquor similar to ‘Gammel Dansk’ and to a lesser degree the German ‘Jegermeister’. Feb 15, Issicratea rated it liked it Shelves: Dec 14, Skay rated it did not like it.

Cooking with Fernet Branca by James Hamilton-Paterson

Each one has also assured by a sleazy real estate agent that their property will afford them utter peace and quiet. Obviously, so far, so good on this one! Gerontius, his first novel, won the Whitbread Award, while his most recent, Loving Monsterswas praised by the Sunday Telegraph as ‘tantalising, erudite and ingenious’. And not least a generous share of … Brannca Branca.

Ferner fact, the resident of the villa he can see from his own is none other than a well-to-do refugee from a Soviet republic, with all her entangling connections.

All of the reviews were great, but I couldn’t get into it. I cannot reveal all the ingredients without spoiling the end of the book – not to mention your appetite – but smoked cat and paraffin are among them.


The narrator is a pompous twit through and through, that’s what makes it great. View all 4 comments. Hamilton-Paterson writes with an assured and idiosyncratic comic spirit. But Marta’s brother keeps stopping by in a helicopter in the middle of the night, and Gerard sings horrifically off-key opera while he avoids work by loudly building fences and other such, and each drives the other totally crazy with their drunkenness and terrifying cooking.

The whole bizarre crew To view it, click here. Gerald’s idyll is shattered by the arrival of Marta, on the run qith a crime-riddled former Soviet republic. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It also takes a complete absence of salt-of-the-earth peasants and their immemorial aesthetic input.

Gerald speaks excellent English, of course, and a passable Fsrnet. It is indeed set in Tuscany, but in the unfashionable northern tip of the region, cooikng from comfy Chiantishire, and Hamilton-Paterson offers not a glossy commercial for the joys of expatriate life but rather a hilarious farce loosely based on its sometimes melancholy realities, summed up by Gerald’s neighbour and co-narrator Marta as boredom, booze and loneliness.

Jan 04, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: You’ll laugh at him and you’ll laugh with him. Something that has led to her arrest.

Strange brew

Interspersed with recipes that get progressively more and more insane, and I think they all include a bit of mankind’s most vile aperitif — fernet branca. That they are neighbours at all is what sets the plot rolling, for each had been assured by cloking slimy fixer who sold them their remote houses high in the foothills of the Apuan Alps that the adjacent property was only occupied for one month a year.


Gerald Samper’s cooking, using Fernet Branca in anything from ice cream to smoked cat, is according to Marta, the other main character in cookkng book, also an acquired taste. Gerard, who punctuates his sections with explicitly detailed recipes, loves to cook.

Please note — he is a ghostwriter of biographies for celebrities, not a Nobel nominee. I love the fact that this was nominated for a Booker prize–not what you’d think was a typical nominee! She bought the house next to his for the same reason: It was hilarious, so funny I’m going to read it again. Now the hijinks begin Ending didn’t quite work that’s why it didn’t get the 5th star.

The day has dawned bright in every sense and I am making good progress up a ladder painting the kitchen — the most important room in the house — in contrasting shades of mushroom and eau de Nil. Then a hearty woman composer fr Eastern Europe plumps down nearby to ponder a score for a fawncy Italian film director. He fancies himself as a genius cook and DIY expert, as well as an author. Gerontius, his first novel, won the Whitbread Award, while his most recent, Loving Monsterswas praised by the Sunday Telegrap James Hamilton-Paterson’s work has been translated into many languages.

The two main characters alternate every few chapters in telling the story. Two crackpot neighbors are thrown together in Tuscany — a hotspot of distilled lunacy. Is there a screwball life after death And all the time, snarking and judging and learning to depend on each other.

I’d give it 3.