Comnav Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Comnav Installation And Operation Manual. ComNav Autopilot Manual. Autopilot System Installation & Operation Manual COMPLIES WITH CE REGULATIONS PN V ComNav Autopilot ComNav Autopilot. READ. Show more . Autopilot System Installation & Operation Manual v1r3 – ComNav ยท comnavmarine .

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Do not reuse any oil reclaimed from your system. To increase the Sensitivity: A 2 gallon 9 litre bucket is adequate clmnav most pleasure boars. The pump is designed in such a way that it will keep oil from returning through the pump when is not running or correcting.

Press the Red Key once: Continue this procedure until the boat is steering satisfactorily.

Also note the following, when you plan the routing of cable 1: When you press the key, the lights will stop blinking and the red or green light will turn on. To make a one degree Course change to Starboard, briefly press the Green key. Press and hold the Speed Key.

Comnav 1460

The green wire must be wired to the ground point see Grounding, next. The Autopilot can also steer your vessel through a series of Waypoints which the navigation device has grouped together as a Route. Below is the list of the NMEA data sentences from which the Autopilot can obtain navigation data, and the order of priority commav which the can use these sentences: There are two Rudder Response settings.

But this is especially important following the initial installation connav bleeding of your system.

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Adjust the position of the Outboard Feedback so that as nearly as possible it is parallel with the hydraulic cylinder both horizontally and vertically. Contact comnv ComNav Dealer. It will not damage the pump. Sensitivity decreases by one step. It is learning your steering system. The stripped ends of wire must not be able to touch each other.


If you have a Fluxgate Compass, you will later repeat the first part out on open water. Immunity to earth lead coupling Annex A, Section A. Slide the Processor case to the right. The autopilot will turn off.

Remove the nut from the end of the rod of the hydraulic cylinder. Give it time to find its position accurately comjav turn off its warning indicators. Boats for sale Second hand boats for sale Used power boats for sale Sailing comnaf for sale Comav boats for sale Power boats for sale Sell a boat Boat rental Sailing boat rental Moorings for sale Moorings to rent Boats transport. Then repeat this Step. This might give you better steering performance than using the Slow Speed Rudder Response setting.

This part includes 50 feet Outboard Feedback Caution The Outboard Feedback will be damaged if it is extended more than 10 inches. Comnab air in your steering system Some residual air may remain suspended in the hydraulic fluid. If you have a helper, have them watch the oil level in the highest reservoir and refill comnag when necessary. It is very easy to damage the glands by using too much force. Be very wary if they request payments by Western Union or other payment methods without guarantees.

Do not install your Compass near wires or devices carrying large electric currents such as battery chargers, electric pumps and motors or televisions. If the light above the Nav Key does not come on and all the other lights are flashing, the Autopilot is not receiving any useable information from your navigation device. To make a large Course change, press and hold either the Green co,nav Red Key.


ComNav Autopilot Manual |

It may steer in a straighter line. To decrease the Sensitivity: Do not completely tighten at this time. Caution This Pump is not waterproof and is therefore not warranted against water damage.

If you must drill new holes in the flange at the back of the Rudder Feedback, drill the Rudder Feedback flange first, and then use it as a template to drill holes in the surface. Model 18CI pumps are suitable for cylinders from 7 in3 to 18 in3 cm3 to cm3 in ocmnav 2.

Power Cable The Power Cable is labelled with a “5”. The other end of this wire should be connected to the grounding point you have chosen aboard your boat. The boat will commav wander back and forth across the Course line, nor make any sudden turns unless you command them.

Leaking fittings coomnav equipment If the oil level continues to go down, even after a few weeks when all the residual air should have it been expelledit may be an indication of leakage in your steering system.

This Pump is also not warranted against damage caused by improper installation. Enter a Waypoint into the navigation device. The Autopilot has returned to steering by the function. Then the 1640 beneath the Green Key will begin to flash. When the measurements are successful, the Autopilot will turn off.

Whenever underway, cojnav vessel must be under the control of a qualified and alert person.

The pump connection to the steering system is different for each type.