Philosophy Goes to the Movies guides the reader through philosophical ideas using lively and illuminating cinematic examples including Christopher Falzon. Philosophy goes to the Movies is a new kind of introduction to philosophy that Christopher Falzon is lecturer of Philosophy at Newcastle University, Australia. Philosophy goes to the Movies is a new kind of introduction to philosophy that makes use of movies including The Matrix, Antz, Total Christopher Falzon.

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Christopher Falzon, Philosophy Goes to the Movies: An Introduction to Philosophy – PhilPapers

In a properly balanced soul, the rational part rules Moral goodness thus amounts to a kind of mental health or well-being If we were not morally good in this sense of being well-balanced we could not pursue our own interests Morality also involves knowledge of the moral forms, e.

Opposite of the existential hero: Be the first to ask a question about Philosophy Goes to the Movies.

Find it on Scholar. Want to Read saving…. Shift from political structures to mlvies ones: We are communal creatures who seek to produce collectively; and rational creatures who should be able to organise our collective productive activity for ourselves.

Modern scientific world view: That same kind of thoughts enabled the main character of Total Recall to find answer to his musings: Movies with the Lockean memory view of personal identity:. Shaqayeq rated it really liked it Apr 16, Liberal notions of power as overt constraint: New Philosophies thee Film: Materialistic view of human beings as creatures of desire, creatures driven primarily to seek pleasure and avoid pain.


A humanistic, artistic, or literary culture, which gives expression to what is most central to our humanity. William Brown – – In Warren Buckland ed.


Strong notion of truth: Peter Reichelt rated it liked it Jun 12, The capacity for rational self-determination makes persons uniquely valuable, and thus fzlzon should treat them with these goals in view and not merely as the instruments or means for the realisation of our own projects.

An interesting way to approach philosophy, by using movies to illustrate basic philosophical principles.

The unity of the state is the most important thing, in which each individual plays his or her proper role. The soul or mind is to be identified with reason, and we must battle against the irrational part. Removes even the motivation to be good that might come from the fear of being caught and punished. Added to PP index Total downloads 38of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 4of 2, How can I increase my downloads?

Blue Collar, October Criticism: Real power lies in self-mastery not master over others ,by disciplining, organising and giving shape to one’s own desires. These techniques are used in many areas of society, and not just by the government.

The world is absurd: Jun 20, Owlseyes rated it really liked it Recommended to Owlseyes by: Many have gone so far as to think of this true self as being immaterial or chrjstopher. But we cannot abandon all constraints and give our primitive instincts free rein, which would revert us to the status of brutes. New Philosophies of Film: Workers live a dehumanized, alienated existence, increasingly subject to the requirements of the machine and those who control the machines Marx: People are stubborn, though, and will resist if such disciplinary power goes too far.


Moral importance does not extend to non-rational creatures, e.

Philosophy Goes to the Movies: An Introduction to Philosophy

Paisley Nathan Livingston – – Philosophy Compass 3 4: An Exploration in Words and Images. Conventional movies where morality triumphs: Our world views, conceptual frameworks, forms of knowledge, or guiding interests differ amongst different individuals, groups, or cultures; consequently these peoples or cultures have fundamentally different but equally legitimate ways of viewing or understanding the world.

John rated it it was amazing Apr 30, Mojtabaa rated it did not like it Dec 23, Penny Craswell rated it it was amazing Oct 11, Science Logic and Mathematics. This tendency to see the individual as having priority over society is a distinctively modern view of social and political existence.

Philosophy Goes to the Movies: Society and technology are not organized so as to serve genuine human needs and interests. Human beings are primarily isolated individuals, with certain natural needs and wants, and only secondarily members of a society, which is formed by the coming together of these already-formed individuals.

Film Media in Aesthetics.

Philosophy Goes to the Movies: We are wholly physical beings, and that the mental phenomena we encounter in ourselves are in some way explainable in physical terms. Memory view of Personal identity: Issues have arisen about whether some humans are not persons e.

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