CCNA 3 Final Exam Answers (v+v) – Scaling Networks 1. A network designer is considering whether to implement a swit. The quiz below is designed to help you with the CCNA 3 final exam. Give it a try and get to know what to expect come exam time. CCNA3 v – Exam Answers – Online Assessment (April, ). CCNA3 v ( CCNA Scaling Networks) is the latest update that we have collection since till April We have verify with the Practice Final · Online.

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It protects the edge of the enterprise network from malicious activity. Which value can be used to configure ccma bridge priority of one of the switches to ensure that it becomes the root bridge in this design?

When EtherChannel is configured, which mode will force an interface into a port channel without exchanging aggregation protocol packets?

A network designer is considering whether to implement a switch block on the company network. A new switch finnal has been configured as a VTP server is added to the network. I agree to the Terms of Services and Privacy Notice. The network administrator configures both switches as displayed.

Configure the correct VTP domain name and password on the new switch. However, none of the users from network The database information for each router is obtained from the same source.

CCNA 3 v Exam Answers score %

Which statement describes a feature that is associated with HSRP? It identifies the ISP that provides the connection to network of the organization.

Match each OSPF router type description with its name. Go to My Dashboard. A router is participating in an OSPFv2 domain. Survey Maker Flashcards See All.

CCNA3 v – CCNA v Exam

What is the primary advantage of deploying a switch block? One interface becomes an active link for data traffic and the other becomes a backup link. A network administrator enters the spanning-tree portfast bpduguard default command. Providing redundant devices to allow traffic to flow in the event of device failure.


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A company has migrated from single area OSPF to multiarea. In the Cisco hierarchical design model, which layer is exaam likely to have a fixed configuration switch than the other layers? The new switch has a VTP revision number of 4. Match each description to its corresponding LSA type.

Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. The best alternative backup route is immediately inserted into the routing table. Any trunk ports will be allowed to connect to the network immediately, rather than waiting to converge. VTP-enabled switches exchange three types of advertisements: A network administrator configured an EtherChannel link with three interfaces between two switches. Which routing protocol is able to scale for large networks and utilizes non-backbone fina for expansion?

In an OSPFv2 configuration, what is the effect of entering the command network There is a risk that the switch may cause incorrect VLAN information to be sent through the domain. This is a security feature that is available on all new Catalyst switches. Which address would R1 use as the next hop for packets that are destined for the Internet?

From the output in the exhibit, what is the problem?

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CCNA 3, Final Exam Quiz

It is a globally unique autonomous system number that is assigned by IANA. As a business experiences continuous growth it becomes more important to design a network that helps you meet your desired technological needs.

Combine routes learned from different protocols into a single routing table. The router has not established any adjacencies with other OSPF routers.

Which two addresses represent valid destination addresses for an OSPFv3 message? The routers ccnw unable to form a neighbor adjacency. As the network administrator you have been asked to implement EtherChannel on the corporate network.

Sign In with your ProProfs account. A network administrator is analyzing the features that are supported by different first-hop router redundancy protocols. Which switch will be elected the root bridge and which switch will place a port in blocking mode? Which three pieces of information does a link-state routing protocol use initially as link-state information for locally connected links? A network administrator is reviewing the configuration of switch S1. Switches in different VTP domains can exchange updates if revision numbers are the same.

The VTP databases will remain unchanged in all switches with the exception of the newly added switch. The switch configuration must be saved and the switch wxam to reset a configuration revision number.

Implement the command network