In this short, punchy book, Drew Eric Whitman lifts the shroud of mystery surrounding consumer behavior by . Full Book Review: Cashvertising Book Review. Cashvertising Summary by Drew Eric Whitman presents secrets of customer psychology that will help you sell anything to anyone. Prepare yourself for a unique learning experience as author Drew Eric Whitman takes you on a wild, roller-coaster ride through the streets of.

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That is exactly what this summary is about. Ad-Agency Secret 13 – Adding questions does help to keep the prospect’s interest, but for how long?

But what are these principles? Desire to enjoy food and beverages 3. Long and those who do not need long copy to persuade them Ms.

Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman

The author repeatedly gets the point across that advertising needs to be focused on the buyer and not yourself. While I didn’t agree or would want to use some of the techniques presented, they are still good to learn about. Truth is, you are being powerfully influenced by dozens of proven scientific principles of advertising psychology You may be entertained by it, but that’s not its purpose. Advertising is about selling. Sep 22, craig washington rated it it was amazing.

The most significant challenge you will face is selling to someone who is unacquainted with your product or service. No matter which business you’re in, you’re selling benefits to your customers. Selling is fundamental human interaction. I truly understand why people bought this book. Wihtman usually don’t buy books with covers like this one. He has worked as a consultant for many large companies.


Cashvertising : Drew Eric Whitman :

Lists with This Book. The book is a collection of techniques and hints that can help boost advertising efficiency and sales for almost anything.

As I read, I really learned. My number one source for copy writing. To paraphrase the Thomas Edison quote at the end of the book, I didn’t know one millionth of one percent. Not because of their supposed low prices not always trueor the fact that they have everything, but because of their returns policy!

The author just pours in tenths of good practices and the reader has to sort it out, which can be difficult and confusing for many people. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Well guess what, a very small percentage of consumers who think this way, actually end up returning the product.

Then we have the 9 Learned Secondary Human Wants, typically built upon from social conditioning what people tell us, and what we think is right.

Like a wild roller-coaster ride through the cashvettising of Madison Avenue, Cashvertising teaches you the tips, tricks, and strategies that New York’s top gun copywriters and designers use to persuade people to buy like crazy.

Create dynamic e-mails by adding graphics and animations that draw attention.


While I didn’t agree or would want to use some of th As someone looking to learn more about writing copy and advertising, this book was incredible. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of If your customer is satisfied, get their testimonial. It’s business com Drwe was introduced to this book by those guys at the StackThatMoney forum. Desire to live, enjoy life, and have a long life.

No matter what you sell–or how you sell it, this practical, fast-paced book will teach you: Erew to create powerful ads, brochures, sales letters, Websites, and more How to make people believe what you say “Sneaky” ways to persuade people to respond Effective tricks for writing “magnetic” eeric What mistakes to avoid Hence create visual and detailed language in your ads, so your customers connect to the product you offer even before buying it.

Driving People To Buy 2. Once you get that insight, you can use it to gain a strategical advantage. Direct knows his shit.

Sellers need to understand human psychology since they have to use persuasion. No trivia or quizzes yet. The Best Books of