Laura Kasischke (born ) is an American fiction writer and poet. She is best known for Kasischke, Laura (). Wild brides. New York UP. Boy Heaven. Buy a cheap copy of Boy Heaven book by Laura Kasischke. Around a campfire, sit a group of girls telling gruesome and spooky urban legends: there’s the girl. Boy Heaven. View PDF. book. Fiction. US & Canada HarperCollins. They planned on a joyride in a convertible on a hot summer day. They planned on.

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Boy Heaven

It also dissects how the character sees herself versus how she really is. It’s a good book to take to the beach or camp if you’re going on a vacation. Nov 16, Genesis Blue rated it did not like it. Nevertheless, the book freaked me out a number of times. The note at the end told me that it was set a while back, but the only thing that gave me that tip-off in the book was the lack of mobile phones and I still don’t know when kaasischke actually meant to be set.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. I got a bit bored in the middle. I admit I get creeped out easily when it comes to urban legends or old campfire stories, yet I am hunky dory reading true masischke or paranormal books. I really liked this book. Kasischke’s lush, sensory descriptions make this young adult novel both luminous and eerie. Kasischke, Laura Boy Heaven.

Open Preview See a Problem? Their day soon takes a drastic turn — all because Kristy Sweetland smiled at the wrong time, in the wrong place, at the wrong boys. I would never have guessed that I would get swept up in a book called Boy Heaven, but I just couldn’t help myself.

The guys then follow them back to a cheer-leading summer camp in the woods The girls begin to believe these guys are stalking them at camp, yet they can’t prove anything. I wasn’t a verb, I knew that hesven. However, it did really pick up at the end for a super creepy campfire read, as long as you cut out most of it.


I am really surprised that someone who publishes as often as Kasischke can keep the quality this high, and I’m planning on reading more Kasischke in the heaen. At times, I found the flashbacks intrusive and thought they weren’t woven as seemlessly into the story as they were in “The Life Before Her Eyes.

As we drove, the breeze made a smothering whoosh around us, and the air smelled like a Pink Pearl Kasischke’s lush, sensory descriptions make this young adult novel both luminous and eerie.

This author should be better known that she is. If you are wondering what our review criteria are, you can see that and all of our reviews for the last several years using the links above!

It was a surprise because there wasn’t really any story to hold on to, like okay we ny it, it’s a ghost story, then boom, it’s done.

KISS THE BOOK: Boy Heaven by Laura Kasischke

Kasischke’s writing is beautiful and unexpected and lara story is so different from most other YA books. It opens with an unplanned afternoon excursion to go skinny dipping at a local lake that goes terribly wrong thanks to a few relatively creepy local boys playing stalker after crossing paths with the kasischle at the local gas station.

Bottom line is while I wouldn’t make the mistake of suggesting this to any random teenager, I wouldn’t call it a bad book for the rest of us.

It is definitely the end part that kept me up at night. Top it off with the story being written in the first-person view of one of those aforementioned messes, Kristy Sweetland, and you’ve got a world-class narcissist on your hands.

Trivia About Boy Heaven.

Laura Kasischke

bky I don’t understand why she couldn’t just call it a ghost story and be done with it. I don’t like the characters, they are horrible people. I feel that there are a lot of woman who write great adult books but dumb it down too much for YA. Aug 21, Samantha rated it did not like it Shelves: Each girl handles the stress of the situation completely differently. First of all, the “shocking” ending wasn’t shocking at all, although I may have spoiled it by reading kaskschke subject headings on the copyright page before I started.


Feb 15, Taylor Fenner rated it liked it Shelves: Home for the Holidays by Elise Prima This is the same young friend who insisted I read the Pretty Little Liars series, which was also not exactly the most fun I’ve ever had. It is incredibly misogynistic – there is constant victim blaming in it – for example when the guys start to follow them Desiree blames Kristy for it because she smiled at them, basically this is the equivalent hewven ‘but her skirt was too short’ as an argument.

So this was a re-read of a book that stuck with me from about ten years ago.

Sadly, I couldn’t be more wrong. Description They planned on a joyride in a convertible on a hot summer day. Links to Love Kiss the Book Jr. Of course, the stalkers somehow aren’t through with the girls yet, not after getting a look at the three of them topless. With the help of the camp lifeguard, T. Bored out of her mind, Kristy and her best friend, Desiree, join up with fellow camper Kristi to skip the cheer camp practices and hit Lovers Lake.

For this reason, I kasiachke it. Okay so this book wasn’t as scary as I expected it to be.

Boy Heaven by Laura Kasischke – FictionDB

Apr 16, Mee rated it laurx not like it. The author always delivers the right blend of unheimlich and disturbed American way of life.

Our reviews are written by school library professionals and vetted student reviewers. I could have done without the chronicles of Beaven and her boy toy, but I suppose it was a necessary piece of the whole unfortunate puzzle. Quick to hit the road, the girls are shocked when the guys begin to follow them.

Now the girls feel prying eyes on them all the time — during pep practice, on the path through the woods, outside the window of their cabin. And probably a lot of running around a forest.