We So Seldom Look on Love: Stories. Barbara Gowdy, Author HarperCollins Publishers $20 (0p) ISBN Hailed as a remarkable collection of short stories when it was first released in , We So Seldom Look on Love is Barbara Gowdy’s wholly original and pow.. . A young, beautiful, female necrophile, obsessed with the moment that life turns to death, begins an intense relationship with a medical student that inevitab.

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I will miss it.

No eBook available Amazon. A collection of short stories by the author of Falling Angels features a tale of a blind girl who sees for the first time ao a successful operation, a learning disabled child, and a man in love with a necrophiliac.

I don’t get my kicks from gowxy, but her writing is so fine. That we will be free of the hatred that we KNOW is wrong yet somehow can’t seem to escape. These stories replace the non-PC carnival sideshow. And I love every one of the characters.

We So Seldom Look on Love

Lizards, craving sex for hunger is distinguished from craving companionship in the form of a true Love. Story after story, you feel like glued to the pages, knowing that a moment of shock is soon to come, and wanting to know what it is. The corpse-fuckers and the bored exhibitionists and the conjoined twins and the God-fearing girls who can levitate, where would they be without writers like Barbara Gowdy?


Why in God’s name would you seek to prevent such a person from marrying their loved one?

We So Seldom Look on Love by Barbara Gowdy

I mean, it happens. There isn’t much dead air, in that the stories are all of a consistently high quality. But the material is revolting. Dec 22, Phil Della rated it it was amazing. This anthology was my first experience with Barbara Gowdy, some years ago. Contents Body and Soul l.

From inside the book. You’re right back where you started. These freaks, these seldmo characters, they’re really just the same as us, aren’t they? But others will see these stories for what they are: It’s like walking around a circular hallway with windows showing the same inner courtyard.

Who will allow some celebrity, preacher, or government official to define your fashion, your ideas, your interests, or your beliefs? No doubt the writing is good.

Most common word in other people’s review of this book of sort stories: I think I have never read a book this fast. Body and Soul, Challenges the sanity of an elderly grandmother Aunt Bea in foster home for young girls; we meet Julie epileptic seizure; waiting for mommy in jail as a companion to Terry Penny who is bald, blind and has a damaging birthmark and later Angela missing both arms: I would not call this collection disturbing but I certainly would zeldom it depressing.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading these short stories. The poor girl whose mother loved the legs of her twin better than she loved the whole girl, the girl whose friend has a purple suitcase by the door in case of an event A mixed bag- some stories glitter e.

I didn’t enjoy reading it, although I enjoyed Gowdy’s skill.

They are all about people who have an oddness about them – a conjoined twin bit attached, an extra big head, deformities of all kinds and degrees of hardships. Dec 29, Leticia Cubias rated it it was lofe. Not my This was a book I noticed was selected by one of our seniors as the book she wanted her honorary bookplate in. But Gowdy does not let you do this.