Arthur Machen . pharmacist stop, and upon subjected to fluctuating temperatures over the years has turned naturally into something called the vinum sabbati. Some of the finest horror stories ever written. Arthur Machen had a profound impact upon H.P. Lovecraft and the group of stories that would later become known. Dans les récits fantastiques écrits par Arthur Machen à la fin du siècle, to the one formerly used to make Vinum Sabbati, the sacramental wine of the Sabbath.

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Dyson is speaking for the author at this moment, but he is also setting himself up for some terrible shocks. And then I met an old college friend, Orford, in the press of the pavement, and then—well, we enjoyed ourselves, I have felt what it is to be young and a man; I find I have blood in my veins, as other men have. Moreover, the two drinkers are sitting in a garden-like courtyard in the middle of London, a beautiful enclave of nature complete with blooming flowers, glossy creepers and a trickling fountain.

I am not surprised to hear that this powder refused to yield any results to your analysis. What we have here is a white powder, having sat on the medicine shelf for years at a pharmacist stop, and upon subjected to fluctuating temperatures over the years has turned naturally into something called the vinum sabbati.

Pagan Revenants in Arthur Machen’s Supernatural Tales of the Nineties

Philosophically he was a world apart as something of mystic, deeply sabbatj of science and its ability to ever reveal or to unravel the world’s innermost truths. The style of writing reminded me of that of Arthur Conan Doylewhich should not surprise me, as he and Arthur Machen were contemporaries.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I held the lamp, and he called out in a loud, determined voice—”Mr. You sent me, Haberden, a phial, stoppered and sealed, containing a small quantity of flaky white powder, obtained from a chemist who has been dispensing it to one of szbbati patients.


As I understand, all the symptoms he complained of have disappeared long ago; why should he go on taking the stuff when he is quite well? I tell you, it is not what I ordered; and what the stuff in the bottle really is remains to be seen. So not scary, and nothing really is unless you believe it’s possible.

In the pocket book that is found after his death, the young man reveals that he went through an initiation rite orchestrated by the malevolent Lipsius. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Leicester, I am waiting for you. However, the connection between the storylines and change can be tenuous in places. Heavens to Betsy, what is wrong with her brother? I, who have dealt with death all my life, and have dabbled with the melting ruins of the earthly tabernacle. Give superstition a Greek name, and believe in it, should almost be a proverb.

The whole universe, my friend, is a tremendous sacrament; a mystic, ineffable force and energy, veiled by an outward form of matter; and man, and the sun and the other stars, and the flower of the grass, and the crystal in the test-tube, are each and every one as spiritual, as material, and subject to an inner working. Notes 1 See, in particular, Margot K. Open Preview See a Problem? I have written him a prescription which ought to do great things. Nay, I cannot say I saw a face or any human likeness; a living thing, two eyes of burning flame glared at me, and they were in the midst of something as formless as my fear, the symbol and presence of all evil and all hideous corruption.

The Novel of the White Powder

So I machhen it up roughly to the best of my ability. Men and women, seduced from their homes on specious pretences, were met by beings well qualified to assume, as they did assume, the part of devils, and taken by their guides to some desolate and lonely place, known to the initiate by long tradition, and unknown to all else.


Fauns are associated with the goat-god Pan, but they are also often conflated with satyrs, the followers ivnum the Greek god of wine. But, remember, I am always ready to give any help that is in my power; do not scruple to come to me, or to send for me if you are in any distress.

John Hirst rated it really liked it Oct 06, I saw what I have told you with my own eyes. Arthur Machen was a leading Welsh author of the s.

The white powder you sent me is something very different from the drug you prescribed; it is the powder from which the wine of the Sabbath, the Vinum Sabbati, was prepared. The novel and the stories within it were eventually to be regarded as among Machen’s best works. Then we shall have something to go upon.

Arthur Machen vinum sabbati resumen

We went out of the shop in silence, the doctor carrying the bottle neatly wrapped in paper under his arm. He was a man who seemed to live in utter indifference to everything that is called pleasure; and though he was handsomer than most men, and could talk as merrily and wittily as if he were a mere vagabond, he avoided society, and shut himself up in a large room at the top of the house to make himself a lawyer.

I looked, and a pang of horror seized my heart as with a white-hot iron.

Books by Arthur Machen. Machen, however, showed literary promise, publishing in a long poem “Eleusinia” on the subject of the Eleusinian Mysteries.