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Aristiteles dissertation has been divided as follows: Show more The Cuban antislavery novel of the 19th century will provide the focus for this study. The analyses include the historical and social circumstance determining women’s position in the society of the texts and their authors. Show more El proposito de este estudio es de senalar el tono epicista de La querra del fin del mundo de Mario Vargas Llosa.

Spanish text ; Chile.

Jose Luis Gonzalez rejects those views as product of a class ideology, that of the “creole bourgeoisie. Spanish text ; Peru, Chile, Mexico. Dissertation Abstracts International Show more This dissertation explores the role of food representation and identity in Hispanic cultural production as they participate in arsitoteles resistant agency despite historical contexts of authoritarian oppression.

Title Texts and Tastes: Show more My thesis is an experimental project that explores the connection between aesthetics and meaning-formation. Moreover, this chapter deals with chronotope and the subversion of authority.

While this work is not necessarily an Indigenous source, the vast references to such cultures justify its inclusion in this study.

The non-verbal expression of affect often manifests in physiological expressions, reflecting one’s psychological and emotional status. As a result, the following thesis upon first glance looks like the work of a mad man.

However, these works and specifically their varied historical trajectories also demonstrate that the language of food extends far beyond the text, participating in larger projects that challenge, undermine, and rewrite the ethical atrocities committed during each of these oppressive political mzcondo.

Show more This dissertation is a detailed account of Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori’s use of coercion and rhetoric against Shining Path’s international terrorism campaign.

En macnodo mismo se hace enfasis en la actitud de la hablante lirica hacia la muerte. The fourth embraces a synopsis and analysis of each novel’s major characters.


The following novels are studied: This is a process that occurs within the text, among characters and often manifested through a challenging of gender roles. These two writers created a new self-directed woman, one who knows what she wants, how to make decisions, and has control of her own life. Creator Palmer-Lopez, Sandra M. It also describes the evolution of his humanist views.

In the second chapter an analysis of the main characters in Rudolfo Anaya’s Bless Me, Ultima and Heart of Aztlan reveals that solitude and the search for identity involve the spiritual reconciliation of forces which adversely affect the Chicano’s relationship with the land and the people of Aztlan.

Her character develops in stages through early folktales, Medieval fairy tales and the Golden Age novel. They appear to be in control of their lives and are capable of confronting military violence and of mscondo against the political system imposed by the military. The Florida State University 9.

The writer must create textual strategies which allow them movement back and forth, from center to margin, in order to deconstruct and reconstruct gender as a means of resistance. Analyzing the characters and themes aristotele these texts of various genres through psychological, sociological, and arsitoteles lenses allows for a more complete understanding of how trauma narratives function as agents of change concerning trauma and shame and its relationship with gender violence in the context of Latin American cultures.

Show more The novel of Armando Ramirez b. The authors of these works communicate, in a distinct way, the female orphan’s sense of alienation. The work of explorer Alexander von Humboldt is also addressed herein as applicable to the wider comprehension of the novel. Compelled to understand the densities of this debate, I analyze the testomonies of two women who struggle to define their beliefs and live according to their cultural values in twentieth century Cuba –as it proves difficult to escape the constraints constructed and imposed by patriarchal society.

Show more Since the s, the problem of national identity has become one of the most crucial issues in the Puerto Rican political and cultural arena.

A glossary is included on non-standard Spanish terms used by Ramirez in his narrative. Title La novela antiesclavista: A second approach is the writing of auto critical literary reviews, collected in El coloquio de las perras, in order to question the literary canon and image of women in masculine literary texts.

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Show more La investigacion estudia como tema central la imagen femenina segun la ve Enrique Arishoteles. Creator Braun, Diane Marie. Using a spatial theoretical framework, within the field of cultural studies, the research is supported by the conceptualization of social space developed by Henri Lefebvre, of heterotopia by Michel Foucault, and the analysis of the use of urban space developed by Michel de Certeau.

It presents the perpetual debate between allowing the Other to speak and not to speak. The final chapter summarizes the similarities and differences of the novels being studied. For this reason, it is the intention of this study to provide an introduction to the life and works of such a distinguished writer.

This study aims to make the language of Ramirez’s narrative more Show more This dissertation examines the origin of myth in Garcia Marquez’s novel, Cien anos de soledad. Show more Maconddo dissertation examines the use of urban space in Cuban cultural production after ; the year Fidel Castro announced the beginning of the crisis known as “Special Period in Times of Peace”. The emphasis in each of these works is on the search for black identity: Picaresque antecedents anticipate orphan heroines with a troubled past.

La Litera Literaria | Nicolás Brando | Page 3

Political Science, General 1. In his solitude the Mexican experiences a sense of alienation, inferiority, and a loss of individual identity.

Religion, Biblical Studies 1. Finally, this study concludes with an analysis of food representation in two films that depict the transition from authoritarianism to democracy: An historical-critical account of Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori’s coercive and rhetorical responses to Shining Path’s international terrorism campaign following the suspension of Parliament, April December Creator Roman-Lagunas, Victoria Ann.