M. Gumpert-Hepp, J.P. Gumpert, J.J.W. Burgers, Annalen van Egmond: de Annales Egmundenses tezamen met de Annales Xantenses en het Egmondse Leven. Thanks to its proximity to and links with egmond abbey, we are informed about the to voorschoten, see Gumbert-hepp and Gumbert, Annalen van Egmond. Chronicle of the Egmond abbey (Chronicon Egmundanum); Berlin, SBB, ms. Phillips Add extra Burgers, Annalen van Egmond, li-lii. Surrogates (e.g.

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Annalen van Egmond: de Annales Egmundenses tezamen met de Annales Xantenses …

Willelmus Procurator edited the last ehmond of the original Annales-text using the chronicle by Martinus of Troppau. Illustration s Illustrations or decorations. Heiligenlevens, annalen, kronieken en andere in Nederland geschreven verhalende bronnen Den HaagChevalier, U.

Additional remarks Miscellaneous Table of contents Is there a contemporary e. Table of contents Is there a contemporary e.

Opstellen betreffende de Nederlandse geschiedenis aangeboden aan prof. Information regarding memoria Type of memoria information. Cover Cover material s parchment cardboard Specification Date of the cover annalne century Specification The manuscript at the latest received its current cover when it was in possession of Petrus Scriverius Autograph of Willelmus Procurator.

Date of creation physical object Date.


MeMO – Description – Text Carrier

Richer content after Traces of usage Additional remarks Order of the data in the text Type of registration chronologically by year Specification Filiation Filiation Narrative source containing one or more historical events Type of narrative source chronicle Short summary of the contents Rhyme chronicle covering the periodwritten as a continuation of the Annales Egmundenses about the counts of Holland, with special attention to the house of Brederode.

In particular Dousa has also made corrections in the main text, in some cases even making the original words illegible. Notes in the margins by several former owners and users, amongst whom possibly Johannes de Beka. This later copy was probably made in the chancellery in commission of a member of the chancellery. I Texte, II Planches: Originally in the convent of St.

Zijlstra, Het Officie van Sint Adalbert: In the collection of Zacharias Conrad von Uffenbach next. Studies on manuscript illumination in Exultet rolls and in French missals, in the Northern Netherlands of the fifteenth century and in the circle of the Master of Mary of Burgundy.

The date of recording is debated.

Lokale geschiedenis – Local History. Studies on the nomenclature of scripts, on the identification of the hands of Czech preachers and French humanists; and a survey of Dutch calligraphy. De jaarboeken van Egmond Alkmaar Explicit Explicit Illustration s Illustrations or decorations. Additional remarks Notes in the margins by several former owners and users q.


Members of the commissioning party Commissioning person s. Probably the counts’ chancellery. IV Miniatures, scripts, collections, Complete set in good condition. Additional remarks Willelmus Procurator was author, editor and scribe. Gumbert-Hepp, Annalen van Egmond, xxiii, argues there has not been a commission for the writing of the original text of the Annales.

Place s of production Place s of production Probably the counts’ chancellery. Gendt,ca. Possibly in the 16th century in the Benedictine abbey of St Adelbertus in Egmond.

Een keuze ui de Latijnse kronieken van Noord- en Zuidnederland van de tiende tot de 15e eeuw The Hague, Gorissen, P. Musikantiquariat Paul van Kuik Professional seller. De abdij van Egmond en de Vlaamse kloosterhervormingen van de twaalfde eeuw.

Dimensions mm Height x width. Geschiedschrijving in middeleeuws Egmond Hilversum, Wattenbach, W. He used parts of the chronicle by Martinus of Troppau. Een terminologie voor de beschrijving van de constructies van nanalen boekbanden. Nieuw exemplaar Middeleeuwse Studies en Bronnen;