expressly specified in a Renesas Electronics data sheets or data books, 2SA PNP SILICON TRANSISTOR. DATA SHEET. Document No. 2SA datasheet, 2SA pdf, 2SA data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Fairchild Semiconductor, PNP General Purpose Amplifier. 2SA V, mA. PNP Plastic Encapsulated Transistor. Jan Rev. D. Page 1 of 2 Any changes of specification will.

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But they are only using it as a current limiter, and my opinion is that it doesn’t mean anything, and is just a glitch that got into their computer. Also, there is no 2scA, just 2sc which is the normal complement of 2sa I can’t see the datasheft of actual parts well enough to read. Thanks again to all Share This Page Tweet. I adtasheet looking all over the web for 2saA with no luck: I was able to get a look at one of them with a small lighted magnifier.

I poked around for a few hours, and could find no reference to the meaning of the A suffix.

Do you already have an account? Actually I found that one OK, just couldn’t find anything for the A version. As you pointed out, 2sc is the complement to 2sa, so I would assume that the “A” version of 2sa has similarly increased temperature ratings.

When I say in series I mean that the collector of the 2saA connects directly to the emitter of the 2sa The red voltage markings on the schema daatasheet by Kenwood. ZOOMAug 2, JURBAug 2, AdtasheetAug 2, Your name or email address: The “A” suffix usually designates a higher voltage rating. Just replace with ksa and call it a day. Where did datsaheet come up with a 2SAA? The two transistors being discussed are Q15, the 2sa Aand Q17, the 2sa It is always purely related to higher voltage, not to higher current rating.


JURB – thanks for taking the time to type in those specs for the non-A 2sa Discussion in ‘ Solid State ‘ started by roger2Aug 1, JURB – Thanks for the detailed explanation of transistor designations.

Guangdong Hottech 2SA – PDF Datasheet – Transistors (NPN/PNP) In Stock |

It is written just like in my OP. Good to know about the existence of those Japanese transistor data books too. I’m sure it is not as good as those professional trade manuals that you have. Then I heard another brief cut-out.

Turns out there was a 2scA, at least briefly. I appreciate the time you put into researching this. I have had a look around for this, trying to datasheef references to the 2SAA as distinct from the 2SA and can’t find anything worthy of note.

Working on a Kenwood KR receiver and suspect one of these of being bad. Here is the left channel of KR They are also in series? I am hesitant to remove them because I have already reflowed once.

If you really need to replace it, just make sure that the voltage between C-B doesn’t exceed 60V, and between C-E doesn’t exceed 50V. What does the A suffix mean? OilmasterAug 2, They Kenwood did the same thing in the kr manual.


what does (A) suffix mean in 2SA733 (A) (Q,P) ???

The “A” suffix means new and improved. You must log in or sign up to reply here. It does show Q and P as being hfe ranges. No, create an account now. Is this the VAS, or some other stage?

I have seen the term “cascoded” many times, just never seemed to have time to look it up. In several previous repair jobs, I failed to find the datasheets of such A version though.

I checked DC voltages and found a fairly close match to what is shown on the schematic, slightly higher but everything in correct relative proportions.

But I did take some live readings, they were datashwet close to what the schematic shows. One channel was intermittent. But it has most things that are not too obscure.

Yes, my password is: ZOOM, I am asking what the “A” suffix for 2sa means because I want to know what type of part the designers 2sz733 in mind for this position in the amp.

Here is L channel, R is almost the same: