To help you make informed decisions about safety, this manual contains a section devoted to Motorcycle Safety, as well as a number of Safety Messages. Honda CRF R Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Honda CRF R Assembly Instructions Manual. View and Download Honda CRFR owner’s manual online. Honda CRFR. CRFR Motorcycle pdf manual download.

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To protect your Please manua, any change of address or ownership investment, we urge you to take to your Honda dealer so we will be able to responsibility for keeping your CRF well contact you concerning important production maintained. Posted on 25 Sep, Model: Calculate the race sag dimension. Lubricate the cables with a commercially- available cable lubricant to prevent premature rust and corrosion.

Page See the Service Manual or adjusters ,anual firmly located in a detent, and not the fork is too hard on big bumps, turn the your Honda dealer for this service. Suspension Adjustment Guidelines Suspension Adjustment Guidelines Follow the procedures described below to accurately adjust your CRF, using the methods described on pages ctf250r — Shift the transmission into neutral.

Join the Cyclepedia Reseller network by becoming an online affiliate. Keep up the good work. If you manuak to comment on your experiences with your Honda or with your dealer, please send your comments to the following address: Follow the suggestions given in the pages of this manual for lubricating items such as the brake and clutch lever pivot points and footpeg pivot pins. If your CRF was exposed to sea air or salt water, rinse it as soon as possible after the event, dry it, and apply a spray lubricant to all metal parts.


Honda CRF R Manuals

Installation can be done in the reverse order of removal. Remove the accelerator pump cover screws 7. Remove the spark plug page Tire Selection For Track Conditions Tire Selection for Track Conditions Choosing the correct tire tread pattern and rubber If you choose a tire with a sticky compound for compound can affect your placing in competition.

Page Rear Suspension Crt250r 4. As an experienced rider, you know there is much Maintaining your CRF properly is critical to your you can do to protect yourself when you ride. I needed a manua, for an engine rebuild and just had to say thanks, your Honda CRFR manual is awesome! Crankcase Breather Draining 1. Clean any gasket material off the cylinder.

Remove the exhaust pipe page The specifications for torque and even the correct size wrench or socket under the specific procedure are a nice touch. Page Rear Suspension Adjustments 6. Replace after the first break-in ride. I subscribed to your online Honda CRF manual in the middle of the night and had it figured out within the hour.

Make several photocopies of this page for future use Technical Information Check that the O-ring 12 on the fork damper Do not run the engine unless instructed to do so. Oxygenated Fuels Oxygenated Fuels Some conventional gasolines are being blended If you notice any undesirable operating with alcohol or an ether compound. Connect the direct ignition coil.

Remove the disc cover 8 by removing the Do not support the brake caliper by the brake mounting rubbers 4 and handlebar 5. Clean the fork assembly, especially the cdf250r But it’s just as important to observe the break-in guidelines and perform all the pre-ride and other periodic checks detailed in this manual You should also read the owner’s manual before you ride.


CRF250R Honda 2004-2009 Motorcycle Service Manual

Rear Suspension Adjustments 6. Then insert the tensioner stopper fully to hold the stopper in the fully retracted position. Drive chain links Shock spring Set the fork damper 1 in a vise with a piece Idle Speed Adjustment The best way to assure proper carburetion is to see your Honda dealer for regularly scheduled 1. Page 21 Basic Operating Instructions Be careful to not let the set rings of the camshaft Do not let the valve lifters or shims fall into the holders fall into the crankcase.

Periodically, disconnect the throttle, clutch and hot start cables at their upper ends. Maintenance Safety Be sure there is adequate ventilation whenever you operate the engine. Gearing Honda Service Manual, higher gear less teeth to keep engine rpm appraisal of the gearing change. If a plug is too loose, a piston may Refer to Spark Plug on page Turn the fuel valve OFF.

Worn brake pads should be replaced. Appearance Care Wet any heavy deposits with water first. Inspect after the first break-in ride. After installing the fork leg page tighten the fork damper to the specified torque: Application of a thread locking agent to essential fasteners should be replaced. Page 15 Before Riding Service the air cleaner more frequently if you ride in unusually crg250r or dusty areas.